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Liberal Talking Points Memo compares Russian separatists to the Tea Party

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It was only a matter of time before someone on the left tried to link the missile attack on a Malaysian Airlines jet to the Tea Party. But that's exactly what Josh Marshall did at the liberal Talking Points Memo, Twitchy reported Friday.

"So that's who you're dealing with: some mix of civil war reenactor or Tea Partier decked out in revolutionary garb, with a mix of reckless aggression and comical incompetence. Here we have them break into nursing homes to photographs senator's comatose wives; there Putin gives them heavy armaments designed for full scale land war in Europe," he wrote.

Translation: The pro-Russian separatists who are widely believed to have shot down the Malaysian Airlines flight with a surface-to-air missile are just like conservative Americans who want the government to operate within the Constitution. They're just better armed.

The hate-filled screed was met with derision and criticism from a number of people who took offense at Marshall's comparison. Twitchy posted several tweets taking Marshall to task.

"Just when you think the left couldn't get any more deranged, they post something like this," one person tweeted. "The deranged calling someone else deranged, sans facts. I expect nothing less from @TPM."

A post at RedState called Marshall "lazy and not-very-bright" and noted that the "fog of war" still surrounds the downing of the aircraft. The post went on to call Marshall a "lazy, lying hack," adding that his website is one of the major drivers for "the narrative of the even lazier mainstream media." Leon H. Wolf concluded by saying Marshall's "casual and insipid slander" cannot be ignored.

Marshall's intent is quite clear. By attempting to link the downed aircraft to the Tea Party, Marshall hopes to foment hate and violence against conservatives who want to see the government operate within the confines of the Constitution. This, unfortunately, has become the modus operandi of far too many on the left, some of whom have even suggested Obama use the military against the Tea Party. It's almost enough to make one think liberals like Marshall really do want a second, bloody civil war in America.