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'Liberal' gun group member proposes online campaign to #EndGunShaming

Do screamers like this look like they're interested in "reasoned discourse"?
Do screamers like this look like they're interested in "reasoned discourse"?
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

“Fed up with the constant gun owner stereotypes and preconceived notions that hoplophobe gun control lunatics hold,” one non-conservative gun owner has “decided to do something about it.

“I am not a gun owner to ‘compensate’ for something,” David Gabriel, posting as “Rummy,” asserts on the Liberal Rifle Association Facebook page. “My sexual organ has nothing to do with my Second Amendment [recognized] right and my choice to carry a gun for my protection.

“I choose to carry because I want to take accountability and responsibility for my own safety and protection,” he explains. “I am an American, and it's time to #‎EndGunShaming.

“I was thinking of what would be a way to counter this and it came to me, why not use the same tactics of these politically correct ‘tumblr hashtag activists’?” he told Gun Rights Examiner via email. “Turn the tables on them and expose them for the prejudiced and bigoted racists they are? That's where #EndGunShaming came to be.

“A lot of people are positively receptive to the idea and I'm trying to pitch it to big YouTubers and Facebook groups to hope and see it spread,” he related, including a link to a video he posted explaining his idea in detail. “Let me know what you think.”

OK, since he asked...

“The message is good, we are all kinds and types,” I replied. “Be careful not to make it sound like you're deriding rednecks or the obese or camo-wearers, because they're part of ‘us’ too, even if that's what the antis latch on to for stereotyping.

“Liberty activists I know aren't exclusively 2A focused -- that's just the one keystone that allows us all to be different without having those who would persecute us being able to do so,” I continued.

“The one area where you seem vulnerable is the ‘Liberal Rifle Association,’" I observed. “I had similar issues with Amendment II Democrats some years back-- not that I'm a doctrinaire Republican (I also tell people never donate to the RNC as long as they turn around and funnel it to gun-grabbing politicians like Mark Kirk and Peter King), but anyone who supports politicians who work against 2A is giving aid and comfort to the enemies of all gun owners. That’s even true of those supporting so-called "pro-gun" Democrats, who vote OK on gun issues, and then turn around and support Obama and his nominations [who then oppose gun rights].”

Having had time to think more on this, some other thoughts now occur to me. First, the shame is not on gun owners, it is on the people stooping to insults and crudities. I refuse to feel shame for some obnoxious troll's many character defects. And why engage with someone essentially screaming insults? You would ignore and put distance between yourself and someone doing that in the real world (keeping the option of defending yourself open if need be), so why not practice the same prudent discipline in the virtual one?

My problem is, I don’t follow my own advice on that sometimes, particularly when some sadist/psychopath (not my definition, but it appears to be a valid one for such diseased and evil minds) lobs a nice, slow one just begging to be clobbered. I suspect most of us succumb to that temptation from time to time.

But for those people willing to engage in conversation, if it can be kept from devolving into personal insults, there’s no reason why #EndGunShaming can’t be one of the tools in the toolkit. Assuming it doesn't just result in more put-downs.

Regardless, it’s a step “forward” that this idea is originating from within a self-styled “liberal” group. If you think about it, what could be more egalitarian than the power-sharing arrangement the right to keep and bear arms affords “the people”?

And doesn’t that tell us just how “liberal” and “progressive” anyone who would undermine that, in favor of an all-powerful state, truly is?


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