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Nanny state forces PC name change on Redskins‏

Despite the vast majority of Americans rejecting the left's absurd control-freak crusade against the Washington Redskins for the hate crime of not groveling to the easily-offended, another un-elected, unaccountable panel of left-wing federal bureaucrats has now rushed in to retaliate and brow-beat the NFL team into changing its name.

Bashaud Breeland #26 works out during Washington Redskins rookie minicamp at Redskins Park on May 17, 2014 in Ashburn, Virginia.
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

According to USA Today, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board has now canceled six federal trademark registrations that belonged to the team, in a brazenly tyrannical attempt to force through speech-trampling political correctness and cleanse professional football of non-Democrat-approved team names (thought crime).

From USA Today:

'Any effort by [Redskins owner] Mr. Snyder to appeal this ruling can only be viewed as a bigoted attempt to continue to profit from this racist team name at the expense of the dignity of Native Americans,' Betty McCollum (D-Minn.) said in a statement.

But remember, it is Republicans who liberals keep telling us have moved to the extremist fringe--for continuing to agree with the American people on free markets, fiscal sanity, and following the Constitution.

For failing to march in lockstep with race-baiting liberal thought police, a tiny handful of power-tripping Democrats in Washington have now forced the Redskins into yet another costly legal battle that threatens to strip them of their most basic intellectual property rights and millions of dollars in future earnings...all over a team name that 90% of Native Americans are happy with.

And yes, liberals have manufactured an outrageously biased new "study" to contradict this devastating fact and falsely portray Native Americans as suddenly overwhelmingly outraged by the Redskins name--via blatantly slanted "yes-or-no" questions like whether or not the Redskins name is "racial or racist."

(The survey does not allow respondents to distinguish between the team name being 'racial,' which it is, and 'racist,' which it is it fraudulently manufactures wildly misleading results and allows partisan DNC propagandists to rush in and erroneously declare that 67% of Native Americans suddenly find the name 'racist.')

Bottom Line: There is no such thing as a right to never have to witness anything that offends you.

Once again, this is about nothing more than Democrats abusing their power to silence dissent and violate the rights of everyone around them...all to carry out a phony, self-righteous crusade against an imaginary injustice, which makes simple-minded, emotional liberal hysterics feel more enlightened than they are.

"Political correctness is tyranny with manners." --Charlton Heston

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