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Lewisohn extended Beatles reprint at the printers; only a few still available

The extended version of Mark Lewisohn's Beatles biography will be reprinted soon.
The extended version of Mark Lewisohn's Beatles biography will be reprinted soon.
Little Brown & Co. - used by permission.

Beatles author Mark Lewisohn told Beatles Examiner April 10 that a second reprint of the extended edition of The Beatles: All These Years, Volume 1 – Tune In,” which has been unavailable since selling out late last year, is at the printers. “It is being printed now, and will be available soon,” he said.

But he advised those who want it to not delay. “Most of this reprint is already sold on pre-orders, with just a few further copies available beyond that,” he said, adding that “further reprints will depend purely on demand. Hopefully there will be more, but it isn’t certain at this point."

The extended edition originally came out in November, a month after the abridged version, and it quickly sold out, as did an instant reprint. The early sales of the abridged version caused it to make a brief appearance on the New York Times bestseller list.

In March, Lewisohn's British publisher Little, Brown announced the extended version would be reprinted again. “We are delighted to announce that the extended special edition of "The Beatles: All These Years (Volume One: Tune In)" is now available for fans to order once more, following its initial print-run selling out last year,” said publishing director Tim Whiting.

Despite widespread disappointment that Crown Archetype, the U.S. publisher of "Tune In", chose not to publish the extended edition in America, not even in e-book form, Lewisohn said in February that the longer version of his book would become available again. The book must be ordered on the site. The ordering price of the hardcover extended edition is £80.64 ($134.94 USD). Third-party vendors have asked nearly $500 for the book. The e-book version of the expanded edition, available in two separate files, is still for sale, but only to UK-based devices.

In its 944-page shorter version and 1,728 page extended edition, “Tune In” is the first volume of "All These Years”, a projected three volume biographical history, the most comprehensive ever written about the Beatles. It covers their lives through Dec. 31, 1962, just as they were about to hit the world stage.

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