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Lena Dunham apologizes for molestation joke, refuses to be weight-bullied

Lena Dunham talks body image: A little body fat doesn't rattle me/
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Lena Dunham apologized for making an awkward molestation joke during a Twitter exchange with a fan March 9.

"You don't always have to get naked!" a Twitter fan told Dunham, who had recently appeared nude in a sketch for Saturday Night Live.

Lena replied, "Please tell that to my uncle, mister. He's been making me!"

Twitter fans immediately criticized Dunham for marginalizing sexual molestation. Lena deleted the tweet and apologized:

"I just made and deleted a not so great molestation joke," she tweeted. "Sorry guys. I am really sleepy. SNL has a way bigger audience than our usual cozy girls audience, so I was seeing a rash of very different kinds of twitter rage. But I should know better, and do. Even naked girls get embarrassed. Sleep well and thanks for an amazing weekend."

Meanwhile, Lena said she accepts her curvy body just as it is and refuses to be weight-bullied into adopting unrealistic beauty standards for herself.

"At the Golden Globes I had a little bit of fat bubbling over, but I love how that looks," Dunham told Glamour. "It looks bountiful. It reminded me of corset dramas."

While most celebrities find nude scenes intimidating, Lena said constantly showing off her nude body on her hit HBO series Girls has helped her be more accepting of her looks.

"I think I radicalized my relationship to my own body in order to accept it," said Dunham, 27. "To make my body a prop in my work gave it a value I didn't feel it had before."

Lena, a self-professed couch potato who hates to work out, has been harshly criticized for not being stick-thin, but has dismissed the cruel fat-shaming, saying it hasn't kept her from living her life. "People called me fat and hideous, and I lived," she said. "And now I keep living."

Dunham recently made headlines after slamming the website Jezebel for publishing unretouched photos from her recent Vogue photo shoot. Lena called Jezebel's $10,000 bounty for her unaltered pictures misguided feminism because her photos were barely Photoshopped.

"It was the most minimal retouching," she said. "I felt completely respected by Vogue. I felt like, 'Thank you for removing the one line from my face because I'm 27 years old and shouldn't have that there.' I appreciate this."

Lena, who's happily dating musician Jack Antonoff (an ex-boyfriend of Scarlett Johansson), said she's happy that Jack is supportive of her success.

"I think women are conditioned to stand by their man and watch them make it to the top, but most men never believe the person they get into a relationship with is going to rise any higher than she was when they met," she said. "It takes a very special, evolved person to be able to deal with change within a relationship."

Dunham reveals her intimate thoughts on her battles with eating disorders, her obsessive-compulsive disorder and past sexual abuse in her memoir, Not That Kind of Girl.

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