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Leland Yee: Attempted 'Gunwalker'?

Yee's smiling days are probably just about over
Yee's smiling days are probably just about over
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

With California State Senator (and "Hero of 'Gun Control'") Leland Yee arrested on corruption and gun trafficking charges (although the New York Times would prefer that people not notice the gun trafficking part), the California forcible citizen disarmament zealots are worried that their efforts to inflict still more oppressive gun laws on the state have been set back. From the Associated Press:

"Ironically, while he's being charged with gun trafficking, next to (U.S. Sen.) Dianne Feinstein he was probably the second most outspoken gun control advocate. This really leaves us scrambling for someone to pick up that mantle," said Paul Song, executive chairman of Courage Campaign, a nonprofit advocacy group. "If it wasn't so sad it would be comical. But what we're really worried about is that this will further destroy the momentum for gun control here in California."

It could be argued, in fact, that by virtue of this blow to the "gun control" jihad in California, Yee has partially redeemed himself for his worst crime--his obsessive campaign to disarm the decent citizens of California.

On the other hand, consider the possibilities if he had pulled this deal off--if, rather than undercover FBI agents engaged in a sting against him, his "co-conspirators" really had been in the market for fully-automatic rifles, shoulder-launched missiles, and artillery. According to Forbes, the supposed final destination for this firepower was Africa, but apparently at least some would stay in Newark:

The trio planned to have Lim and his associates provide the weapons to the undercover agent at the port of Cagayan de Oro in the Philippines or the port of Manila, those weapons would then be shipped back to the Port of Newark where the undercover agent alleged he had holding companies. From there a portion of the weapons would be shipped to Sicily and then on to North Africa.

It's more than plausible that of the portion that would not be shipped overseas, at least some would end up in killers' hands here in the U.S., available for appalling mayhem. Why, after all, would an arms smuggler just sit on the weapons, which would thus not be making him any money, and would instead just expose him to the risk of arrest and prosecution?

Does anyone think that had that indeed happened, Yee would not attempt to exploit the ensuing carnage as justification for more "gun control"? Just as he exploited Sandy Hook in his attempts to impose still more draconian gun laws, any high-profile killings committed with the firepower he brought in from the Philippines would just provide more blood for his dancing pleasure.

The intent here is not to imply that "gun control" was the main motivation behind Yee's alleged conspiracy. All indications point to it being all about the money--paying off the $70,000 debt racked up in his failed 2011 San Francisco mayoral campaign, and raising money for his new campaign for Secretary of State (from which position, by the way, he boasted he would be even more valuable to his co-conspirators). In that respect, Yee's alleged crime was less evil than "Project Gunwalker," which could only logically have been intended to facilitate massive violence that would in turn be used to justify more draconian gun laws.

He and his agenda would certainly have benefited from that side-effect, though.

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