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Legendary Pictures gives update on 'WarCraft' and 'Mass Effect' movies

Legendary Pictures doesn't want to screw up Shepard.
Legendary Pictures doesn't want to screw up Shepard.
BioWare, Electronic Arts

Movies based on video games is a trend that Hollywood keeps revisiting despite their less than stellar history. World of Warcraft and Mass Effect are two franchises that are currently in development at Legendary Pictures and CEO Thomas Tull gave an update Sunday on where both projects currently stand.

World of Warcraft is currently in pre-production with director Duncan Jones and his team still working on the script according to a roundtable interview with io9 with no plans to begin production until it stands on its own as a movie. Taking their time is critically important to Legendary Pictures as Tull noted in a presentation prior to the roundtable that "the road is littered with bad video game movies."

Similarly, Tull says the studio is working to get Mass Effect right so that it doesn't join the bad video game movie parade.

"If you've played [Mass Effect] and you know the universe, you know it is not uncomplicated," Tull said in the presentation per AintItCool. "To try to hone that, to bring that down to a place that will translate into screen storytelling... we're pretty close, closer than we've ever been. We're not going to be the guys to screw up Commander Shepard. We're committed to it, but it has to be great or we're not going to do it. We're treading on sacred ground."

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