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Legacy of crooked politics: Tainted Louisiana

Before American voters get too carried away with their choices of candidates for President in Election 2016 just down the road, ponder hard about politicians coming from Louisiana, principally, Bobby Jindal. “Bobby” is the incumbent governor, an ethnic Indian-American and Republican. Having an ethnic background is a good aspect because we Americans all have ethnic and immigrant heritage. Yet, one must consider the state from which this prospective candidate comes. Should statehood matter? This analyst believes that it should because not all states are alike. Some are more representative of all America than others. Some represent high standards of government, and others have a less attractive legacy.

He'll run again because 'I want to'
Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

What prompted this consideration today? It is news that 86 year old Edwin Washington Edwards plans to mount another campaign. Oh yes, he is a convicted felon, convicted of corruption. He is a Democrat who believes that he can regain a Republican-controlled seat in the 6th District. Shame on the Democrat Party if they nominate him. Shame on Louisiana voters for having such low standards if they put him on the ballot, much less vote for him.

Democrats don’t have a corner of controversy in Louisiana, even though former New Orleans Democrat mayor Ray Nagin was convicted of corruption. Kissing Vance McAllister was in the news last week, the newly elected Republican who was caught on tape making out with his staffer. Is the sleaze factor a positive attribute in these parts? Well, whatever it is, it doesn’t translate to what most Americans want to see from their elected representatives. Character counts, along with high standards for competence.

“Vance McAllister is part of a long line of scandalized Louisiana politicians. A VERY long line.

April 9 at 10:29 am
Updated at 4:30 p.m.

This week, Rep. Vance McAllister (R) joined the most welcoming society in Louisiana politics. After getting caught kissing a staffer, he is now one of many politicians in the state to have a scandal appended to his Wikipedia page, another data point in the argument that there must be something in the water there that makes politicians a magnet for bad behavior. Here is anthology of some of those scandals and political oddities, from the state consistently ranked one of our most corrupt.”

“Edwin Edwards’ last stand

By BILL NICHOLS | 4/10/14 5:05 AM EDT Updated: 4/10/14 6:54 AM EDT

GONZALES, LA. — Just down I-10 from Baton Rouge, south on state Highway 44 and a mile or so beyond the Do Right Full Gospel Baptist Church, Louisiana’s legendary political lion is having the time of his life.

Edwin Washington Edwards — scoundrel, irresistible charmer, four-time governor, reality show star, convicted felon and the very last of the line of New Deal Southern Democrats — is running for Congress at age 86. That would be 12 years after he was sentenced to prison at the age of 75 on corruption charges. That would be 49 years after he was first elected to Congress in 1965 and his friend President Lyndon B. Johnson called him with congratulations and the phone number for Harold Barefoot Sanders, LBJ’s chief legislative aide. Edwards was so moved that he stood up at his desk to take the call."

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