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League of Legends - Free Champions, Preseason Week 5

The champions that are available for free play this week
The champions that are available for free play this week
Riot Games

Summoners, a new week is upon us, and with it a new band of free champions. Each week I will be reviewing the champions available, giving a few interesting statistics over them, and providing a few of my top picks.

This is one of the most interesting free weeks that we've had in a while - very few champions on this list are simple to play; most have at least one mechanic that is entirely unique to them, which is saying something when you consider how many champions the League has added to them. We'll be taking a few moments to examine the most unique when we start breaking down my top picks.

This week has no 450 IP champions, three 1350 IP champions, three 3150 IP champions, and three 4800 IP champions. That makes the total 27,900, and the average 2,790, which is 135 lower than the previous week's average.

Now for my top picks this week.

#1 Top Lane: Irelia

Irelia was the first champion I ever played in the League, so maybe I'm a bit biased - but I doubt it. Irelia is one of the hardest hitting champions in the League, and for good reason - true damage was strong back then and it has only gotten stronger now. Irelia's aggressive play style isn't exactly unique to the top lane, but few champions have quite the damage potential that she does, as well as the ability to chase and follow after champions. Mixing that in with sustain and her ability to do massive amounts of damage that is impossible to reduce creates a champion frightening no matter what stage of the game it is. Her somewhat-rare ability to deal large, steady amounts of true damage is impressive to say the least, and game-changing in a lot of situations.

#1 Jungle: Dr. Mundo

Mundo would've probably been my top pick for the Top Lane if it wasn't for Irelia, but he's just as home in the jungle as he is in a lane. Mundo's ability to regenerate health (which he then spends, sadly) and to deal impressive AoE damage while still dealing incredible single-target damage through use of his cleavers. Top that off with an ultimate that makes him one of the hardest champions in the League to kill, the ability to reduce crowd control effects without Tenacity, and very good ganking possibilities, and Mundo becomes a Jungler who just can't be shut down without a lot of coordinated effort. Mundo's unique use of Health as a resource allows him to stack it without worry - and the % damage from his cleaver ensures even without stacking a single point of damage you can be a major threat.

#1 Mid Lane: Swain

Swain can be a mildly hard champion to learn how to play, compared to some other AP Carries who spam mindlessly and wipe out an entire team, but Swain has some simplicities of his own. Like activating his ultimate to survive. Forever. Swain's biggest weakness is a lack of mana - and when running out of mana is your biggest worry, you can bet that your opponent is going to be seriously hurting. Swain's abilities aren't particularly unique, but for an AP Carry, Swain is a champion with a ridiculous amount of survivability

#1 AD Carry: Kog'Maw

Kog'Maw is mostly unique in his style of autoattacking (what else does an AD Carry really do, after all?). Namely, everything he does is based off of range. Kog'Maw's base range isn't exceptional, but by using his W as a steroid he increases the range that he can attack from to the point that he can outdistance virtually every other champion and ability except for globals. His ultimate, as well, is long range, and spammable. Kog'Maw is one of the less unique champions in the League, but his range can certainly make him feel more like long-range artillery than an average AD Carry. Kog'Maw is one of the best harassers in the game, and his suicide bombing passive gives him the ability to finish off what his ultimate and autoattacks couldn't.

#1 Support: Soraka

Normally I'd go for the champion that provides the best ability to counterplay, or the best ability to lock down an enemy carry for an easy kill, like Lux. But Soraka does one thing, and does it well - sustain. A good Soraka with a non-suicidal carry can stay in lane virtually forever, until they need to buy things. Soraka may not be the best at feeding kills, but if you're at a disadvantage in lane you can't go wrong with a ridiculous amount of sustain to keep yourself from being the one to feed.

What champion is your favorite this week? Any you'd prefer? Disagree with any of these picks? Leave a comment!


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