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League of Legends Champion & Skin Sale - 12/4 to 12/7

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Summoners, with the Christmas season Riot's giving nature expands - this sale, there are now five champions going up for lowered prices, and five skins to boot!

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Diana is a little bit of a downer, but you can pick her up for 487 RP - and you can pick up Dark Valkyrie Diana for the same price; at least she'll have a little color.

Ezrael is making an appearance for only 487 RP - and for another 260 RP you can pick up the Frosted Ezrael skin to match the weather!

Lulu, the little pixie, is up for grabs for just 487 RP, and Bittersweet Lulu (her cute but utterly demented other side) can be thrown in for 487 RP as well.

Nunu will keep you warm in the cold winter nights for the ever-low price of 130 RP. Or, Demolisher Nunu can find you a safe shelter for 487 RP - maybe by smashing in someone's front door.

Olaf thinks this weather is a summer vacation - add his hardiness to your team for 487 RP. And make him even more resistant to the chills by upgrading him to Glacial Olaf for 260 RP more!

This champion and skin sale is extra-large, extra-cheap, and extra-short. Grab these champions and skins before the sale ends December 7th!