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League of Legends Champion & Skin sale - 12/14 to 12/17

These champions and skins are on sale for only a limited time.
These champions and skins are on sale for only a limited time.
Riot Games

Summoners, a new sale is upon us! Riot Games has returned to their usual selection of three champions and three skins - though, with their recent departures from that norm, we have no idea how long that will last for! So while we're still at home and familiar with their methods, let's start breaking down the latest sale.

Anivia can blend in with the ice and snow of the environment - perfect for undercover operations in frigid tundras. And she throws a wicked ice ball to boot. Pick her up for 395 RP.

Shyvana is a little bit less subtle, but her flaming hide will help her carve a path through the thick snows. Hire her to clear your drive - and clear your enemies from the face of the earth - for 487 RP.

Brand is capable of everything that Shyvana is, but he seems more pre-occupied with lighting things on fire. Even several feet of snow won't stop his blaze - 487 RP might keep him distracted long enough to get the fire marshal here though.

And of course, let's not forget about the skins.

Frostfire Annie is a walking contradiction, but no matter what her spells are REALLY made out of, they're going to hurt you when they impact, so be sure to tip her 487 RP before Tibbers gets a little too friendly.

Frost Queen Janna is very regal looking, but despite her throne, she's fallen on hard times for a member of the royal family. Possibly why she has offered her services for only 487 RP.

Glacial Malphite may be solid ice, but he's definitely a lot faster than your average glacier. Just wait until he uses his ultimate - you'll barely see him coming when he steamrolls into you. Ensure that his attacks are directed only at your enemies for 487 RP.

Remember, this sale is only going on for four days - after December 17th these sales are going to be buried under a whole new mound of snow!


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