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League of Legends Champion & Skin Sale - 12/11 to 12/14

A slideshow of the champions and skins that are available at discounted prices.
A slideshow of the champions and skins that are available at discounted prices.
Riot Games

That's right, another sale is beginning, and soon! Once again Riot is changing things up a little bit with their sale; this time we have three skins discounted, as per usual. However, we also have a whopping four champions going for sale - a buyer's market, if there ever was one.

Gangplank leads the charge, barreling headfirst into the sale and knocking his own price down to 487 RP.

Heimerdinger might be underplayed, but a little spotlight in a sale or two should help to counteract that. Add his turrets to your armory for 487 RP.

LeBlanc may be a little hard to catch, but with 487 RP you can lure her out and finally have her on your team.

Maokai is the exact opposite - with that snare of his you can bet he'll run in here any moment. 395 RP and he won't stuff a sapling down your thoat.

The skins are fewer, but you may notice a theme...

Wildfire Zyra has to be some kind of an environmental hazard, but 487 RP and she'll at least keep the destruction to your opponent's side of the field.

Firefang Warwick is a somewhat more controlled burn... as controlled as a wild werewolf can be. Put a collar and 487 RP on him, maybe you can teach him to sit.

Volcanic Wukong has some red-hot anger issues. He has a fiery temper. You might say he's ready to erupt. 487 RP stops the puns.

This sale only lasts for four days, so pick them up quick - after December 14th the forest burns and every champion and skin dies with it.