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Leadership Development and Learning from the World Cup: Preparation Wins

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The World Cup held billions of people glued to their TV sets as the Germans and Argentinians battled for the win.

The lesson for a leader and emerging leaders is, and has been the same for generations. Winning is not a shot in the dark. Winning is more about preparation and practice than about the day of the play.

Coach Joachim Loew had important ideas for everyone wanting to win at work and in life. “This has been 10 years of preparation and hard work. Our strength has been in constant progress.”

Think about how many times you, in your own version of world class soccer, have wanted to throw in the towel. Have you ever said “I can’t do it anymore?” or “It is taking too much effort and energy, I want something easier?”

Put an icon of the team somewhere on your computer, in your desk at work. And take the words of Philipp Lahm, the captain of the team when he gave a concise description of what all great teams know. It is about working together. He said “Whether we have the best individual players or whatever does not matter, you have to have the best team. We stepped up time and again in the tournament, did not let ourselves get distracted by any disruption, and went on our way. And in the end you stand there as world champions.”

From little league to college sports, from a beginning work career to a leadership role the message that is vital is the famous quote from Winston Churchill’s speech when he spoke at his alma mater, Harrow School in 1941.The key part of his short talk (yes it was a bit longer than just these words.) However, they are the ones we all take with us and live with us today, “Never give up. Never give up. Never, never give up.”

Want to win at work and at life? ...PREPARE, PRACTICE, and NEVER GIVE UP.