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Lauren Conrad blogs nominated for 2 awards

Photo Courtesy of Lauren Conrad, used with permission

Lauren Conrad got recognized for her web presence Tuesday as Bloglovin gives & The Beauty Department 2 nominations in their upcoming Bloglovin Awards. For those who must be counting, Lauren has 5 successful web-based businesses that include, Paper Crown, Kohl's, The Beauty Department, and The Little Market. got nominated under the category Best Celebrity Blog with competition from Olivia Palermo ("City" fame) for her self-titled blog & Zooey Deschanel (Hello Giggles.) The Beauty Department (which Lauren runs with Kristin Ess & Amy Nadine) got Best Beauty Blog sharing their nominations with Michelle Phan, Kandee Johnson, and Tanya Burr.

The 2014 Bloglovin Awards are due to take place in New York, NY Sunday, September 7, 2014 where Lauren will find out if she wins the big prize. Bloglovin is a blog intended to take the leg work out of searching for one's favorite blog, just go to Bloglovin and the blogs are all in one place.

Lauren had a good piece Tuesday over at explaining ways to stay healthy in college avoiding the so-called freshmen 15 weight gain in the first year of college. Good habits include keeping a routine of sleep, studying, and eating, going to the rec center, walking everywhere, joining sports/ exercise activities, and not overdoing it with the drinking.

The Beauty Department continues to churn out creative tutorials about hair and beauty everyday since its inception back in April 2011 (a time where Lauren reinvented her web presence.) Beauty's latest goes over fingerpainting without the paint, but with make-up instead where it takes one finger to apply make-up to anywhere along the face or lips.

It's the hard work of Lauren Conrad and the team behind her that make Lauren's success possible making for incredible visibility and recognition amongst others. It's also helpful to have a little fame and loyal fans on your side that help make money for Lauren in the first place, making it possible to skip college...... and the freshmen 15.

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