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Laura Fuino on Emmy Day

Laura Fuino
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Last April I had the great joy of discovering a truly extraordinary little film in production with an unbelievably sensational group of people involved. The project was and remains “A Tennis Shoe in the Street” written by Tisha Draft and directed by Danny Foxx. To understand just how bizarre my introduction to this project was you may want to read the first article I wrote about it last April. See: Like literally thousands of other short film projects being pursued every day here in Hollywood and around the world the goal is to use the finished product to garner positive attention and move it forward into a feature film. Unlike the vast majority of such projects “A Tennis Show in the Street” has such an amazing group of people working with it that its chance of becoming a major success is well above that of the usual fare.

Some of the many benefits that accrued to me because of my chance introduction to this project has been the great opportunity to interview the writer Tisha Draft as well as several of the extremely talented actors who are in this tiny but mighty film. I will do my very best to meet them all and share their unique and fascinating stories with you. But yesterday was an extraordinary delight for me.

I sat down with the stunningly beautiful and profoundly talented Laura Fuino at one of my favorite eateries in all of Southern California. We chatted for two hours and I was fully and enjoyably engaged for each and every second of our time together. But Laura Fuino is not at all like so many actors who when interviewed make it clear that they demand you understand their great talent so that you can write about them and tell the world just how wonderful they are. That was not in any way Laura Fuino’s approach quite possibly because she has nothing to prove, she really is a vastly talented and very real professional performer of significant accomplishment. She has worked professionally with Al Pacino, Burt Lancaster, Sophia Loren and Halle Berry. She even once dated Christian Brando the son of one the greatest stars in the history of Hollywood, the late, great Marlon Brando. Yet Laura Fuino is completely at ease and at peace both within herself and the world she lives in. There was zero pretense but an abundance of respect for and love of the amazing life she has lived and continues to enjoy fully each day. Simply Laura Fuinio is real with no need to prove anything to me or anyone else.

Laura Fuino was born in upstate New York. Early in life she discovered her love of and ultimately her great abilities in acting, singing and dancing. She is an Italian American and she became fluent in both the English and Italian languages. As she grew her love of film and her language skills earned her a job as a translator at the American Film Market. There she met some top Italian film makers and she was offered an acting job in a film being made in Italy. She eagerly went to Italy for what she had planned on being a six month stay. Eight years later she returned to the United States.

While in Italy she even became a cast member in the number one rated Italian television show of its time and genre. What she did not become was cocky or arrogant, just deeply pleased with the joy of being welcomed on stage whether singing in a cabaret or in front of a camera.

Upon returning to the United States she built a significant career as an actress, singer, writer, producer, director and composer. Some of her professional accomplishments have been recorded on IMDB.

Currently Laura Fuino is working on a pilot television show entitled “Bruna in Beverly Hills.” It is designed as a seriously funny TV show about a way over the top maid in Beverly Hills. Laura has written the script and is joined by some of her friends from “A Tennis Shoe in the Street.” Both Kim Kopf and Tisha Draft have come onboard as Producers. Kim Kopf even has a starring role as Sally Wright. The show is still in its early stages of development but looking back I find it karmic and perhaps foreshadowing that my interview with Laura Fuino and our discussion of her new television project happened by pure coincidence on the very day of the 66th Annual Emmy Awards in Hollywood.

I will be intently following the progress of “Bruna in Beverly Hills” and report on its progress but here is the show’s message to the television world: “Move Over Raymond, Everybody Loves Bruna.”

Essentially what I discovered in my time with Laura Fuino was a beautiful woman who is a very accomplished true performing artist of great skill and complexity. She is a person in love with her life and that aspect of her being is a vital message to the world. How much better off we would all be with more people in that position of joy and contentment regardless of their business or career choices

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