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Last minute GTA 5 pre-order deals and launch week offers

GTA 5, Grand Theft Auto

It's the Friday before Grand Theft Auto V finally launches for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 so this guide was put together to help out those that have yet to pre-order the highly anticipated title. You can check out what pre-order deals are still available or the offers that will be available when the game is released on Tuesday, Sept. 17.


Keep an eye on this space as it will be updated as more launch week offers become known. Here is what is known so far though. A list of updates will be noted at the bottom of the article.


No special offer beyond free shipping for Grand Theft Auto V at Amazon at this point. The GTA V 500 GB PS3 Bundle is now available though.

Best Buy

Purchase GTA V for the PS3 ($59.99) and a 12-month PS Plus card ($49.99) at Best Buy and get $10 off the total purchase. The retailer will also offer an exclusive poster for both versions and is hosting a Midnight Launch at select stores across the country.

The GTA V Playstation 3 Bundle ($269.99) also comes with the $10 off a 12-month PS Plus card offer.

Best Buy is also offering 100 percent bonus trade-in credit for those that want to trade in a game or games towards GTA V.


If you have games to trade in, GameStop may be your stop as it is offering 30 percent bonus trade-in credit toward Grand Theft Auto V with an extra 10 percent for PowerUp Reward Members. There is also an opportunity to get GTA V for $9.99 with the exchange of two eligible games.

GameStop is also the only place to get the Collector's Edition version of the game with the Special Edition sold out. Naturally, Midnight Launch events are happening here as well.


The red dot retailer, Target, is also offering an exclusive poster with GTA V and has the GTA V PS3 Bundle but no special deals beyond free shipping. However, using the Target Red Card takes 5 percent off the total purchase and automatically gives free shipping.

Toys R Us

Buy Grand Theft Auto V from Toys R Us and get any other Rockstar Games title priced $19.99 or less for free. Max Payne 3, Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, GTA IV, GTA IV: Episodes from Liberty City and Midnight Club Los Angeles are listed.

But wait, there's more! Frontburnr's Josh Deane (TRU's deal guy and a CAG regular) notified us that purchasing GTA V on launch day in-store not only comes with a $10 gift card as well as the free Rockstar game. Note that the gift card offer is good for 9/17 only.


No launch deal or offer at Walmart but it is one of the retailers participating in the Midnight Launch parade.


Microsoft Store

The biggest pre-order deal for GTA V remains the Microsoft Store option that comes with $20 worth of Microsoft Points that can be spent on Xbox LIVE. Obviously, this is for the Xbox 360 version of the game but getting your pre-order in by 6PM on Sunday Sept. 15 guarantees free release day shipping. Once the calendar turns over from the Sept. 16 to Sept 17 though, the MS Points offer is gone.

Best Buy

Those that subscribe to Best Buy's Reward Zone will receive $10 worth of reward certificates by pre-ordering the game through retailer. Additionally, pre-orders here comes with the Atomic Blimp in-game vehicle. Those that pre-order the $24.99 game guide will also receive a free Lithograph of the title.


Big box retailer Walmart is offering a $4.99 Vudu credit for pre-orders of both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Grand Theft Auto V which can be spent on movies or TV shows for the online streaming service.


There's no discount or credit at online retailer Amazon but pre-ordering GTA V from there gives access to the Atomic Blimp to fly over Los Santos in-game. Pre-order the game for either the PS3 or Xbox 360 by 1 p.m. EST on Sunday, Sept 15 to guarantee release day shipping.


Pre-ordering GTA V from GameStop also comes with the Atomic Blimp but the specialty retailer is also throwing in a free exclusive poster.

Update 1 (09/13): Best Buy revealed a $10 off the purchase of GTA V and PS Plus offer.

Update 2 (09/14): Added a second trade-in offer for GameStop. Thanks OneAboveAll from N4G for the reminder.

Update 3 (09/15): Added the Toys R Us deal launch week deal.

Update 4 (09/16): Added gift card offer to Toys R Us launch week deal.

Update 4 (09/16): Added 100 percent bonus trade in credit off from Best Buy.

Update 5 (09/17): Moved the launch week offers to the top and bumped the pre-order deals to the bottom now that the game is launched. Updated the Best Buy and Target launch week offers, added Amazon.

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