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Las Vegas welcome sign now runs on solar power

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The iconic Las Vegas welcome sign on the South Strip is now powered by solar energy. Last January 9th, Vegas big-whigs flipped a switch on a 3 - tower solar panel installation located along the walkway to the famous sign. Now one of the most popular picture-taking backdrops on the planet has gone green.

Three free-standing solar tree units containing a total of 18 photovoltaic cells now supply power to the sign and associated lighting.

The project was headed by the Green Chips and Clean Energy Project nonprofit organizations. Funding was provided by the Consumer Electronics Association, electric utility Nevada Energy, the Las Vegas Centennial Commission, and Bombard Renewable Energy.

We think Betty Willis, the original designer for the sign originally installed in 1959, would appreciate this latest upgrade to her creation. In 2012, the sign area was upgraded to include an expanded parking area to accommodate safer access for visitors and picture-takers (see previous LVE article linked below).