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Las Vegas killing reports leave Facebook and YouTube trail -- for now

Las Vegas Police investigate shootings.
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

In the absence of specifics from cautious police investigators following slayings of two police officers and a bystander, and the apparent self-inflicted deaths of the suspects, the search for more information is turning to social media to learn more about the alleged killers.

The Las Vegas Review Journal identifies the alleged killers as husband and wife Jerad and Amanda Miller, reporting the former “had a long record of arrests and convictions for drug offenses, and he left a trail of Facebook and YouTube postings spouting conspiracy theories, touting guns, condemning the government and deriding a Lafayette landlord who evicted him.”

The drug convictions would likely have left Miller a prohibited person.

The Review Journal posted a quote from what it represents as “Jerad Miller’s Facebook ‘manifesto,’” but declined to share a link to the source page.

In the interests of getting the information out and saved in case there is a move to delete the pages, this column is providing links to likely matched Facebook pages, with recommendations to widely capture and save the information in case/before it disappears.

Jerad Miller’s page, with what the LVRJ calls a “manifesto,” is here. For a supposed white supremacist, his recent "friending" activity does not appear to confirm that. Amanda Miller’s page is here, including a photo of the couple dressed, as reported in various news accounts, as “Batman” villains, the Joker and Harley Quinn. Again, contrary to affiliations associated with Constitutional conservatives, her page shows she attended “a march against billionaires who own banks and corporations who corrupt politicians who enslave the people in injustice.”

A YouTube video represented as being made by Jerad Miller is here [language not safe for work].

There’s much that does not add up to the narrative portrayal being formed, and there will be time as the story unravels to determine what is factual and what has been “leaping to illusions.” Perhaps following these links will provide clues to help with that.

Further tie-ins may also be made-- there appear to be attempts to tie the alleged killers in with the Bundy Ranch, recalling an episode reported by Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars:

One afternoon a couple showed up at the camp: a young tattooed white male wearing a holstered pistol and his girlfriend toting a shotgun ... it developed that the guy was an admitted felon, but he didn't believe that it was constitutional to deny him his firearm rights.

After deliberation, the couple was sent on their way. Whether this was the same couple remains to be seen. If it was, this establishes there was no connection other than an unsuccessful attempt to "enlist." UPDATE: After viewing the video, Vanderboegh says it bears a resemblance.

Again, further information is needed before many conclusions may be drawn. That said, the one certainty is that further edicts aimed at disarming Americans would have no effect except to make good people more vulnerable to evil ones.

UPDATE: See follow-up report "Despite media reports, killers turned away from Bundy ranch say eyewitnesses."


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