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Las Vegas average car rental rates among the cheapest for 50 US destinations

Car rental rates in Las Vegas are among the cheapest for US destination cities, averaging $27 per day under conditions of this survey data.
Car rental rates in Las Vegas are among the cheapest for US destination cities, averaging $27 per day under conditions of this survey data.
Courtesy CZ Martin via Wiki Commons Public Domain license

According to survey results published yesterday by , average car rental rates in Las Vegas during the last 12 months were the fourth cheapest among 50 US destination cities. The survey results were formulated via Kayak car rental data obtained from June 2013 through May 2014 for cars rented only for pick-up / drop-off at the main airports of the selected destination cities. These data were based on average daily rental rates for the least expensive and available cars during the described time window, and for rentals established one to two weeks prior to scheduled pick-up dates with rental durations of five days.

The average daily car rental rate for Las Vegas ( $27) was the fourth cheapest among 50 popular destinations. Only Fort Lauderdale ($26), Tampa ($26), and Orlando ($25) offered cheaper average rental rates in the survey results. Las Vegas average car rental rates (ranked 47th out of 50) were 2.8 times cheaper than those for New York City ($76), the number one most expensive car rental destination in the US under the described conditions of this survey. Detroit ($69), Memphis ($67), Baltimore ($65), and New Orleans ($63) were the successively most expensive cities ( ranked numbers 2 through 5 ).

Some destination's average car rental rates fluctuated heavily. Miami ( average of $31, ranked number 44 overall) exhibited a range of less than $20 per day to more than $60 or more depending on demand. New York City, as the most expensive car rental city in the survey, saw rates vary between $60 and $110 per day.

According to the most recently available Vegas visitor profile study (2013 data, see linked article below), 12% of randomly selected visitors rented a car during trips to town. A majority of visitors who rent cars do so at the McCarran Rental Car Center , which features about a dozen stations currently representing thirteen different car rental companies. The facility offers 'free' shuttle services from McCarran Airport to the Center which requires 7 - 10 minutes for a one-way trip. Though this option is likely the most convenient car rental experience in Vegas, the ancillary fees ( a plethora of tax and use fees) often represent between 35% and 60% of total car rental rates ( taxes and fees + base company car rental rates).

Savings on Las Vegas car rental rates often requires advance bookings (at least 30 days ahead of trips) and multiple on-line visits. Several car rental companies will send reduced rate online alerts after first bookings when better deals become available if made far enough in advance. Customers can sign up for these email alerts at time of initial booking. has always been a competitive car rental starter site for Las Vegas, and is good about sending the above described alerts when better rates become available. Prospective visitors should also check individual car rental company websites for promos and discounts and include this in their online, multiple visit search for lowest rental rates for Vegas trips.


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