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Larry Pratt glad members of Congress afraid of being shot

Larry Pratt
Larry Pratt

On March 2nd, 2014, Larry Pratt reportedly told Cincinnati radio host Bill Cunningham a second-hand story he had heard about a member of his group lobbying a congresswoman, who reportedly told the Gun Owners of America member, "You want to shoot me, don't you."

Pratt did not reveal the congresswoman's name, nor state what exactly his lobbyist had said to provoke this response. He did, however, approve of her feelings, saying "that's probably a healthy fear for them to have."

They, I think they might understand what it’s real purpose is. And its real purpose is to serve as a restraint on government abuse. And since they want to be involved in government abuse, they kind of take it personally, I think. The Second Amendment is intended for people just like them – or perhaps we could say, like Piers Morgan – those who were born to rule and we were born to be ruled. And for us to have guns kind of upsets that order of things that they think ought to be. So I think they take it very personally.

I was told of a conversation that one of our members had had with a member of Congress. And he was lobbying on a gun issue, but he was, I knew the guy well enough to know that almost certainly he was mild-mannered, he was just explaining our position. And apropos of nothing, the congressman – congresswoman, actually – said, 'You want to shoot me, don’t you.'

Well, that’s probably a healthy fear for them to have, even though that’s not the guy’s – he wasn’t saying anything about that, it wasn’t in his demeanor. But you know, I’m kind of glad that’s in the back of their minds. Hopefully they’ll behave.

It's therefore ironic that Pratt continues to insist that it's purpose is to prevent government abuse, seeing as the mentality he now applauds is exactly what he implies it prevents.

What Pratt is effectively arguing is that governance should be done, not through healthy debate and compromise, but out of fear of violent repercussion for anyone who steps out of line.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't threatening to kill anyone who disagrees with you exactly what tyrants do?

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