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Lamp skirt caches: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Lamp post caches carry safety risks
Lamp post caches carry safety risks
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 Lamp skirt caches, or lamp post caches have become a popular location for geocachers to add hides in urban areas. The ease of the hide, along with generally the ease of finding, has created an explosive growth in this type of cache.
The lamp post cache is generally a 35 mm film canister or a ‘hide-a-key’ container placed under the ‘skirt’ of a lamppost in a parking lot of a shopping center. The picture attached to this article shows an open skirt with the geocache container attached with Velcro. Today, we will examine the good, the bad, and the ugly of this cache.

The Good
These are generally easy finds for the geocacher. Usually, the lamp post hide is in the middle of a parking lot, without many other options as to where the hide may be. When the Denver winter weather has buried most caches, the lamp post cache is usually above the snow. For the cacher that wants to find many caches in a day, this cache type is usually a quick ‘cache and dash’.

The Bad
The caches are in the middle of public parking lots with frequent traffic. There have been recent police reports of persons observing cachers and deeming their actions as ‘suspicious’ call the police. A recent article from the Orange County Register explains how easy it is for us cachers to be mistaken for evil doers. The cache many times is placed without proper permission, adding to the problems for authorities.

The Ugly
The big issue is one of safety. The caches are places near or next to live electrical wires. In Johnnygeo's Geocaching Electrical Safety Blog , this cacher and employee of an utility company, goes into great detail has to how dangerous it is to look for a lamp post cache. (Warning: graphic pictures of injuries from coming in contact with high voltage electrical lines are on this website). The website author best sums it up with the following: “Adding the element of electrical equipment to our game adds risk of injury or death that should not be part of our hobby, or any other hobby.”

Remember the terms of service you agreed to when you registered for an account on “Always exercise common sense and caution. You assume all risks arising in connection with seeking a cache or any other related activity.”

Remember to stay safe.

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More information on geocaching is found on the Centennial State Geocaching Podcast.


  • WitzAbout 5 years ago

    Another thing to be wary about with lamp-post hides is stinging insects. Wasps are known to move in to these places during warmer months, and you often do not know until you have opened the skirt and are faced with a live insects.

  • Britton 5 years ago

    Great post, something to think about with electrical wires.

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