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Kristin Cavallari loses 20 pounds with Paleo diet of grass-fed beef and bison

In recent years, the term "Paleo diet" has been used to describe everything from the Atkins plan to processed energy bars. But when Kristin Cavallari says that she lost 20 pounds eating unprocessed vegetables and carefully chosen protein such as grass-fed beef and bison, she's talking about a true Paleo weight loss plan. As a result, she's almost restored her pre-baby body, reported the Inquisitr on July 13.

Kristin Cavallari has lost 20 pounds.
Photo by Bryan Steffy

In addition to meaty meals, Kristin likes to snack on unprocessed high fat low carb diet foods. Among her favorites are almond butter, coconut oil and nuts.

She also tries to eat an all-organic diet, reported Fashion and Style magazine on July 12. As for the argument that women should not diet and exercise immediately after having a baby?

"I started working out when Jax was three weeks old," she said. "I've been working out four to five times a week for 30 to 45 minutes at home."

But although exercise counts, Kristin is a believer that diet trumps workouts. "My stomach needs the most work but that takes time more than anything and diet plays a huge role."

And in contrast to celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson, who went on special diets to shed their baby weight, Kristin says that the Paleo-style low carb weight loss approach is her normal diet, reported Azcentral 12 News on July 12. ''My diet is always the same. I don't eat any toxic chemicals and I try to eat organic as often as possible.''

During her pregnancy, Kristin also made a point of eating Paleo-friendly low carb food. For example, she avoided sugary sports drink and sipped coconut water.

Chosen for Fit Pregnancy magazine's cover in the spring, Kristin revealed then that she views her diet as healthy. "I’m a very healthy eater, and I maintain that during pregnancy. I just give in to cravings more than normal."

She also worked out during her pregnancy, although she limited the amount of time that she devoted to the gym. "I work out 3-4 times a week, and I don’t push myself too hard," Kristin clarified.

Most physicians recommend exercising during pregnancy, but it's important to talk with your own health care provider about your situation, according to the Mayo Clinic. Advantages of working out while you're pregnant include improved mood, better sleep, increased muscle strength and preventing excess weight gain.

If you want to try Kristin's weight loss success, is it necessary to pay for grass-fed beef and organic produce? Not if you can't afford it,says Paleo diet guru Robb Wolf.

In response to the argument that the Paleo low carb diet is too expensive, he says: "Well, grass-fed and organic are certainly optimal, but if you cannot afford it you cannot afford it. If it really matters to you, make sacrifices and make it happen."

However, Robb adds this qualifier: "You might need to shelve your idealism long enough to survive, and reverting to bagels is not the way to go." He suggests using "caveman accounting" and looking for specials on Paleo products such as coconut oil.

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