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Kevin Ward family blames Tony Stewart aggressiveness: New video handed to cops

The car driven by Tony Stewart appeared to have sped up as it approached Kevin Ward on the track. Ward, who was in a rage over Stewart causing him to crash, got out of his car and walked across the track yelling at the on-coming Stewart, who was still in the race. There is much controversy around the reports from witnesses that Stewart seemed to hit the throttle instead of the brake today. The question that fans and Kevin Ward's family want answered today is why did this happen.

Tony Stewart investigation: Kevin Ward family furious, new tape now in investigators hands as people report Stewart sped up instead of slowing down before hitting Ward.
Photo by Jerry Markland/Getty Images

According to SN NASCAR on Aug. 12, the police investigators have received a new video tape of the Tony Steward-Kevin Ward accident and this tape is filmed from a different angle. They are in the process of reviewing the contents of this tape. Ward's family continues to mourn their 20-year-old beloved family member and other than the Facebook post by Ward's aunt, nothing else has been reported to the media coming from the family. According to NewsOxy, the Ward family blames Stewart's aggressive driving for his death.

While the sheriff handling this case first said that there is not enough evidence to treat this as a criminal matter, today is reporting that his office is looking into the evidence today, even asking for help from the public who may have videos of the fatal accident, according to the Charlotte Observer News.

Many of the morning shows debated the two different points of view on this crash, like “Fox and Friends” live on Monday morning. People are saying that Stewart hit the throttle when first spotting Ward in the middle of the dirt track. His car went to the side and he caught Ward with his rear tire, dragging him about 50 feet until he went flying in the air, landing about 50-yards away, reports the Fansided.

Sheriff Povero reports today that the investigators are examining the track and the lighting at the track along with talking with eyewitnesses today. He also said that his department is interviewing people who have experience with the sprint car racing as all part of their investigation today.

One of the discussions on Fox News live Monday was Stewart seemingly hitting the throttle when he came across Ward. Some thought he might not have wanted to hit Ward, but he may have wanted to come close enough to scare him. While this is a possibility being discussed around the water coolers of the nation today, this would be a hard sale, said a retired prosecutor.

Steve Ward, who is no relation to Kevin Ward, is a retired Meckleburg County prosecutor. He said that the authorities would have a tough time proving that Stewart intentionally tried to kill Ward or scare him. This is because the 20-year-old driver walked into the middle of the track and was almost hit by another car, who had to swerve to avoid him. This happened right before Stewart hit him.

H.A. “Humpy” Wheeler, who is the former president of the Charlotte Motor Speedway said, ““When you jump out of the race car and get out in the groove, you’re putting yourself in all kinds of danger. What was going through Tony’s mind, no one will ever know but Tony. Certainly the last thing in the world he wanted was to hit another driver.”

Some are saying that Stewart and Ward had bad blood between them and while they probably weren’t on each others' speed dials, there wasn’t much to base that observance on. With that said, it is known that Stewart has a temper, he has been seen throwing his helmet and getting into physical fights while at the race track with other drivers in the past.

It does appear that Stewart has a short fuse, but this still doesn’t mean that he allegedly hit the throttle as a way of scaring Ward. A few people on the morning news shows that are very well acquainted with the sprint cars said that if you hit the throttle the car swerves to the side. They suggested that if Stewart did hit the throttle, it might have been as a last ditch effort to miss Ward, who was on the track in the middle of a race.

As far as Ward’s family today, they are furious, reports indicate. Ward’s aunt took to Facebook to lash out at Stewart for her nephew’s death. She called Stewart a “di*k,” which was included in the paragraph she wrote. The New York Daily News reports that Ward’s Aunt “lashed out at Tony Stewart in a heated Facebook post on Sunday, swatting away the NASCAR racer’s condolences” to the family.

Wendi Ward wrote:

"I feel numb, I look into the eyes of family and see a deep hurt that should not be there, my heart has pounded out of my chest for hours, thanks for thinking of our family tony Stewart when you decided to be a d–k! My nephew was one of a kind, a true race car driver, a p–s head and a sweetie all in one, a young man who will be truly missed by many! Aunt Wendi loves you budster, forever in our hearts."

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