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Kentucky gas explosion: Destroys 2 homes, injures 2

Kentucky gas explosion occurred Thursday morning (not actual photo).
Kentucky gas explosion occurred Thursday morning (not actual photo).
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A Kentucky gas explosion took place in Adair County...just one day after the National Corvette Museum was the site of a massive sinkhole in Bowling Green. ABC News reports Feb. 13 that a line blew up in soouth-central Kentucky Thursday that resulted in destroying two homes and injuring two people.

According to the report, the line is owned by Columbia Gulf Transmission.

What is known about the Kentucky gas explosion is one person was transported to Westlake Regional Hospital burns and another was brought in for evaluation. Their current conditions are unknown since officials at the hospital are not releasing any information on the victims.

Fire departments and emergency responders are in the area to give support where needed.

One witness was able to see the explosion up to 20 miles away with the sky lit up from large flames.

The state is definitely getting its share of bad luck this week. It is a good thing not more people were hurt in the Kentucky gas explosion -- or the sinkhole on Wednesday. The two serious situations could have easily meant losing lives.

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