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Ken Levine says to never disrespect gamers' expectation of quality

Ken Levine Says to Never Disrespect Gamers' Expectation of Quality
Ken Levine Says to Never Disrespect Gamers' Expectation of Quality
PlayStation Blog

With the approaching launch date of BioShock Infinite, Ken Levine took to the airwaves in a quick interview with Chad Dukes of radio station KROQ on The Fan: DC Sportsradio 10.

Chad Dukes brought up the fact that you see kids with handheld gaming devices when you sit down in a restaurant and how they don't even interact with the parents. Being 46 and growing up before video games were a major form of entertainment, Levine shared that he was awkward growing up and they provided a contact for socialization. Games are a safe place to start a social life. He did so with Dungeons and Dragons during that time. He goes on to explain that the same goes with no matter what the form of entertainment you enjoy, movies, sports.

Dukes also brought up the fact that gaming has seemed to unite various types of people, say the jock type and those that were considered nerds. Is this why the industry has exploded is because it can bring together various types of personalities and people?

When holding an open event, Ken stated that he invited the journalists and some film actors asked to attend. In looking across the room it was quite a distinction of the guys who were journalists and who were the actors. He explained that visually you would think it's the "jocks vs. the nerds", but it is great to bring them together as a great merger. Some who have the nerdy look and others who were the attractive, seemed to melt together with one common language- "we all love games."

Dukes asked Levine what he thinks the ultimate gaming experience will be.

Levine shared his notion that the games are not limited to our TV screens. He pointed out that Nintendo and Sony are already leading to this with the Wii U and Sony's purchase of Gaiki.

"This has helped bring the games to a much more portable device. By extension, it is not tied to a platform, but can get much broader and taken anywhere. This is exciting to me."

He added, "The exclusivity comes from the content, rather than the system itself." Levine concluded, "Those struggles of hardware competition will continue, but the ways of playing will loosen up."

Never disrespect gamers' expectation of quality is what Ken Levine feels. With that said, we will finally have BioShock Infinite in our hands on March 26th!


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