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Kayla Finley VHS rental: 27-year-old arrested for not returning VHS rental

Kayla Finley was arrested over a VHS rental that she failed to return... back in 2005! According to a video report from Buzz60, Finley rented "Monster-in-Law" (starring Jennifer Lopez) and never returned the tape. The 27-year-old was taken into police custody over the ordeal, nine years after the fact. The video store where Finley rented the tape isn't even in business anymore -- but Finley is still facing charges.

As previously reported, Finley went to the police station to report a crime that she had witnessed. However, Finley has confirmed (by way of a Facebook comment on FOX 29's page) that she was actually filing a report against someone that was harassing and stalking her.

Kayla Finley's VHS rental issue was actually on her record. When the officer looked her up in the system, there was a warrant out for her arrest -- and she was promptly taken into custody! Finley was released on bail and says that the charges are total "B.S." She does plan to fight said charges.

Do you think that Finley should have to pay a fine for the late rental?

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