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Katy Perry seeks meeting with Ancient Aliens star Giorgio Tsoukalos

Giorgio Tsoukalos takes a picture of Josh Poet and his band at the Roswell International Film Festival on 6-24-12
Giorgio Tsoukalos takes a picture of Josh Poet and his band at the Roswell International Film Festival on 6-24-12
John Villec - whooznext Productions

In a strange reversal of fandom, pop singer Katy Perry has expressed a desire to meet Ancient Aliens contributor Giorgio Tsoukalos. Executive producer Kevin Burns talked about the unlikely pairing during his introduction of Tsoukalos at the Roswell New Mexico Film Festival on June 23rd.

Tsoukalos and Burns along with contributor Jason Martell talked to a large conference room full of devoted Ancient Aliens fans at the festival. Burns seemed bemused by the notion that none other than Katy Perry would have an interest in meeting his Ancient Aliens star.

Giorgio Tsoukalos is by far the most recognizable of the Ancient Aliens contributors and is known for his wild straight up hair and an unusual European accent. Tsoukalos’ unique personality has spawned endless memes on Youtube, but he let the audience know he is as amused as anyone else.

Regarding Perry however, Tsoukalos took pains to let the audience know he has indeed been in contact with Perry, but that logistics is the reason a meeting has not taken place. He acknowledged that on at least one occasion he received a text from the pop star as he was leaving town.

Perry, fresh off her movie debut “Part of Me”, has been open about her love of the show and there is no indication that her desire to meet Tsoukalos is anything but as a fan. In The Sun she stated, “I’m fascinated by that kind of stuff because of how I grew up, where everything was so black and white. Now I’m seeing a lot more color in the world and asking more questions. So I’m very into things that are above and beyond me and were before me and will be after me.”

She is also known to have given out copies of the show. “I sent out a Christmas gift basket to people filled with my favorite things and the first season of Ancient Aliens was one of the things I included. It’s so good. I made everyone on my tour watch it. I’m just obsessed.”

John Villec writes for and is director of the movie Aliens From Outer Space.



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