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Kate Moss on paper

Kate Moss
Kate Moss
Samuel Owen Gallery

If you are interested in a unique art gallery destination outside of Manhattan and The Hamptons, then check out the Samuel Owen Gallery’s opening reception in Greenwich, Connecticut of Mr. Brainwash’s unque mix of pop art and graffiti art. Mr. Brainwash will be unveiling his mixed media on paper, 38 x 38 likeness of inonic visual art version of Kate Moss on Thursday, July 17 from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. The Kate Moss contemporary art works on paper were pre-sold at ArtHamptons, and were talked about at the show. The Greenwich-based firm said the iconic Paris-born filmmaker and street artist Thierry Guetta, otherwise known as Mr. Brainwash is best known for the Banksy-directed film hit, “Exit Through the Gift Shop.” Kathryn McSweekney, of Samuel Owen Gallery told Examiner at ArtHamptons that she sold several in the Kate Moss series at the art fair.

Who is Mr. Brainwash?

“Mr. Brainwash is the pseudonym of Paris-born, Los Angeles-based filmmaker and street artist Thierry Guetta, according to the Banksy - directed film Exit Through the Gift Shop. MBW (as he is known) fuses historic pop imagery and contemporary cultural iconography to create his own "Pop-Graffiti" art,” added in their blog. “In 2009 he designed the cover art for Madonna's much publicized greatest hits album Celebration, and his highly recognizable images catapulted MBW to international superstardom. He continues to garner recognition from art collectors and street art enthusiasts alike. His work has been included in the prestigious Phillips Contemporary auctions, selling above the high estimates.”

L.A. Weekly added recently that “afficionados of Los Angeles street art might recognize the now-familiar work of one “Mr. Brainwash,” a.k.a. MBW, a.k.a. Thierry Guetta, a French filmmaker turned graffiti provocateur. Over the past few months, Mr. Brainwash images have become ubiquitous in greater Hollywood, evolving from the Banksy-style black-and-white stencils of a guy wielding a movie camera to repurposed reproductions of Elvis, Hendrix, Gandhi and other cultural icons, including the giant spray-paint can rebranded, à la Andy (Warhol), as Campbell’s Tomato Spray.”

“Mr. Brainwash, the controversial subject of the Banksy film, “Exit Through The Gift Shop” reinvented iconic images of everyone from Einstein to Kate Moss, even updating the style of Andy Warhol in works like “Spock Monroe”and other images from the series “Wigs Suite” at Guy Hepner,” adds more on Mr. Brainswash’s inique brand of iconic pop art, Staten Island art fans come to Greenwich, CT and see just what makes the work so unique and powerful. Visit for more about this emerging artist. He is taking pop art to a whole new level, elevating his works of art to works of film. If a picture is worth a thousand words than his signature Kate Moss is priceless. Staten Island fans come see for yourself what makes Mr. Brainwash an artistic voice to be reckoned with! What a great way to experience his art work, than in the wonderful sea side Greenwich, CT. This show is sure to be worth the drive!