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Kanye West's Grammy speech from 2005

First they love you then they hate you, then they love you again.

...touch the sky...

Some of saw my brief CNN iReport video about hip hop's misrepresentation during Sunday's Grammy Awards. Thanks to WorldStarHipHop, I was reminded about how important Kanye West's voice is, not only to hip hop, but to popular music and culture. His brash and unapologetic Grammy speech shows us that true hip hop is missing from award shows. And this was just his speech. His show performance in 2005 was one of his best.

Here is the text of his speech. Now tell me this isn't something that our youth can learn from and inspire towards. Check the video to the right and take a trip down hip hop history's short memory lane.

If Adele said this, we'd celebrate her resilience and honesty!

Ya'll might as well get the music ready 'cause this is gonna take a while. When I had my accident, I found out at that moment, nothing in life is promised except death. If you have the opportunity to play this game called life, you have to appreciate every moment. A lot of people don't appreciate their moment until it's passed. And then you got to tell those Al Bundy stories: 'You remember when I...' Right now, it's my time and my moment, thanks to the fans, thanks to the accident, thanks to God, thanks to Roc-A-Fella, Jay-Z, Dame Dash, G, my mother, Rhymefest, everyone that's helped me. And I plan to celebrate and scream and pop champagne every chance I get, 'cause I'm at the Grammy's baby! I know everybody asked me the question, they wanted to know, 'What, Kan, I know he's gonna wile out, I know he's gonna do something crazy.' Everybody wanted to know what I would do, if I didn't win... I guess we'll never know!


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