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Jordan Davis case draws national attention

A photo of Jordan Davis

The Micheal Dunn trial has brought a lot of media attention to Jacksonville. The controversial issue "Stand Your Ground" plays a major part in the court case. Did Dunn shoot and kill Davis in self defense or was it murder?

Under the Stand Your Ground Law, a resident of Florida is allowed to use deadly force if he or she believes there is a prospect of danger. It essentially enables people who have shot and killed others to involve a plea of self defense. Advocates of the law say it protects people from life threatening circumstances.

The tragedy of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis is shining a national spotlight on "Stand Your Ground" laws. Both Florida teens were discriminated against. Many people are appealing the stand your ground laws because it gives people the right to attack people of color.

Since the shooting occurred, its attracted national attention because of the similarity between the George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin trial. Outside the courthouse, CeCe Littlejohn held up a sign reading: Justice for Jordan.

"Trayvon died because of the clothes he wore," she said. "Jordan died because of the music he liked."

The trial is expected to move quickly. Jordan would have been 19 years old on Feb 18th. Family and friends are hoping for justice close to his birthday.

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