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Jonathan Morin explains who Joseph DeMarco is in ‘Watch Dogs’

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The “Watch Dogs” E3 2012 demo introduced us to not just Aiden Pearce but one of the game’s antagonists in Joseph DeMarco. In an interview with Examiner, Ubisoft Creative Director Jonathan Morin explains a little about this bad guy and how others like him fit in the upcoming game.

“Joseph Demarco is an artist, but he’s more like a financier than an artist, I would say. He is a guy who is involved a lot with different contacts in government; he’s a really well-played person in Chicago.”

“He tends to organize underground events, so he uses a lot of his figure to finance people and artists who have less access to financial support, which means more indie stuff. That’s why at E3 2012 there was this whole Dot Connection thing, which we thought was a nice way to expose him.“

“We have a lot of characters like that, that are not necessarily all are core to the main story. They are more playing a role of support, but we want to avoid having the syndrome of having a single story being told in an entire city, so you want to feel like you have Aiden’s path and then you want to feel like you’re crossing paths with other people.”

“It feels more real than having this small bubble where everything revolves around Aiden Pierce. We wanted to have a broader spectrum in the end.”

“He’s a little more on the side, he’s definitely not a kingpin or all of that. The big guy we tend to have kept him under wraps a little bit, and I don’t think you’ve seen much of him so far.”

"Watch Dogs" will land on the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC worldwide on May 27. A Wii U release has been pushed back to later this year.


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