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Jon Stewart mocks China's Jade Rabbit lunar rover; Patrick Stewart sings 'Daisy'

Chang'e 3 landing site
Chang'e 3 landing site

In A February 5, 2014 piece, IO9 noted that Jon Stewart reserved a segment of “The Daily Show” to commemorate the Chinese lunar rover, Jade Rabbit. That is to say, Stewart mocked the plucky little rover, now presumed to have been permanently damaged by exposure to the cold of the lunar night thanks to an equipment malfunction. He mentioned that the United States used lunar rovers with people in them over 40 years ago (though not mentioning that America has not landed anything on the moon since.) Stewart said a lot of other things as well, some of them off colored, so be warned when viewing the video.

The highlight of the segment was actor Patrick Stewart (no relation) dressed as the Jade Rabbit giving a dramatic reading of the farewell message that the Chinese ascribed to the rover, followed by a rendition of “Daisy,” first sung by the computer Hal 9000 as it was being disconnected for murder of an astronaut.

Patrick Stewart’s performance was perhaps not as memorable as the other space traveler he played, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, not to mention his frequent Shakespearian roles. But he has rarely been as funny.