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Joe Got Game exclusive: You 'have to make games that your players want to play'

What do you think?
What do you think?

Joe Got Game is the studio that has just been announced this past week, and this company looks to innovate, entertain and reinvent what people expect from games.

What do you think?

Today, in an exclusive interview with Vice President of Joe Got Game, Josef Shindler, he took the time to speak with us regarding his newly formed studio, the gaming industry and their first upcoming title.

Great studios always have a clear vision of what they want to accomplish, and Shindler discussed what they want Joe Got Game to be.

"Joe Got Game was founded by Joe Ybarra to build great games with content that he is passionate about. We want our players to explore and immerse themselves in content that has depth and real meaning.

"That's why we're starting with 'Shackleton Crater.' We dream of exploration. We see the value in pioneering new frontiers.

"Our plan is to build upon each successive title with the lessons of the previous. In fact, our next title after exploring the moon through 'Shackleton Crater' will be delving the darkness of Challenger Deep," Shindler said.

Joe Got Game is currently working on their first game, which is called "Shackleton Crater," and Shindler talked about the game a bit, as well as what platforms the title will be hitting.

"Right now, our core plan will have us releasing on the iOS, Android, PC. We strongly believe that the mobile platform will be an excellent launchpad for games like Shackleton Crater in the near future.

"In fact, we are designing the game from the ground up to play and perform well no matter which device you choose to use.

"We are investing a lot of time and resources into crafting the user interfaces and exploring the limits of our technology in order to deliver the best possible gaming experience.

"As to future platforms, we want to ensure the lasting viability of our games, so we'll certainly take into consideration any technology that stands out," Shindler said.

The official description of the game says "Shackleton Crater" is "a fast-paced, multi-player, multi-platform strategy game spanning 100 years of lunar exploration and colonization.

"Combining actual lunar data, current space technology, hard science fiction and Joe Ybarra’s time-tested game design expertise, 'Shackleton Crater' offers an exquisitely detailed simulation of mankind’s dream to return to the moon."

All games have an inspiration that drives the development of it, and "Shackleton Crater" is no different.

Shindler then talked about the inspiration and what has been driving the development team with this new game.

"The inspiration for 'Shackleton Crater' arises from our desire to explore the moon. First and foremost we are a game company and we want to deliver a lasting experience that resonates in fellow explorers.

"Through that experience we also want to get the point across that exploring the moon is a very real possibility. We'll take that small step of making a game and turn it into a giant leap of accessibility for mankind's exploration of exotic frontiers.

"It's our hope that with nearly forty years of experience leading us in our charge, we'll be able to create products that have a positive effect upon the gaming community. After-all, each game that touches us becomes a benchmark for the next level of greatness," Shindler said.

Shifting gears a bit, Shindler discussed the current state of the gaming industry and what is important for people to remember going forward.

"The industry is really evolving right now. We're seeing a lot of growth for both independent studios as well as big brand publishers.

"What's most important for everyone in the game industry is to stay connected with our audiences - no matter what kind of game you make, you have to make games that your players want to play," Shindler said.

He then was asked what type of presence his studio will want to have on next-generation platforms.

"Since one of our goals is to ensure that our games are accessible and relevant regardless of platform, we are using Unity3D as our engine for 'Shackleton Crater.'

"With that said, we intend to support as many platforms as is possible based on the results of our Kickstarter funding," Shindler said.

It's important to have commitment and drive, but it's also essential to have a long-term vision of where a company sees itself in the future.

Shindler then talked about what he expects to happen in the next year and beyond for Joe Got Game.

"'Shackleton Crater' is the first game in a series of three. Our goal with this Explorer series is to capture the pioneering spirit of going to exotic frontiers such as the Moon and the bottom of the ocean.

"We are committed to the craft of game development and we intend to make games that people play not just 5 years from now, but 50 years from now. So, first 'Shackleton Crater' and then we expand what we've learned from this project and continue making great games," Shindler said.

Finally, understanding where a gaming studio is coming from and what it hopes to accomplish is crucial for gamers, so Shindler gave a brief synopsis of what Joe Got Game will be working toward in the future.

"We're fortunate that Joe Ybarra's extensive experience gives us a massive library of gaming knowledge for us to work with because we are passionate about crafting great games.

"We believe in not just 'Shackleton Crater,' but all of the subject matter we choose to work with and we hope that all of players within our community are able to share our passion and vision for what our games can be.

"At the end of the day, we're making these games for our players and it's important to us that they get the best we can give.

"In fact, we are going to launch a Kickstarter next week for all of those gamers who want to see 'Shackleton Crater' come to life.

"At Joe Got Game, we want everyone involved in this dream," Shindler said.