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Joan Rivers blasts a CNN interviewer and walks off the set

The name and sight of Joan Rivers brings on a smile for those of us who appreciate good comedy. However, recently Rivers wasn't amused by the nature of an interview with a CNN reporter. Rivers cut the CNN interview short and walked out reported The Hollywood Reporter on July 5, 2014.

 Joan Rivers promotes 'Diary Of A Mad Diva' at Bookends Bookstore in Ridgewood, New Jersey.
Joan Rivers promotes 'Diary Of A Mad Diva' at Bookends Bookstore in Ridgewood, New Jersey.
Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

After she apparently became very angry with a CNN anchor Rivers cut short a taped nationally televised interview. Rivers walked out on a CNN Newsroom interview with host Fredricka Whitfield after she felt the conversation was going in bad directions. Rivers said the entire interview was becoming a defensive experience for her as she began protesting that Whitfield's line of questioning was becoming mainly negative.

Before walking off of the set Rivers commented Whitfield certainly was not the one who should interview someone who does humor. Whitfield later shared the thought that she wasn't sure if Rivers walking out of the interview was just a stunt of some sort. Rivers kept her microphone on as she continued to talk and shared some rather unflattering four-letter words off the camera.

Rivers hit back at Whitfield after the CNN journalist called her comments on the show mean reports E! Online. Rivers made it clear she wasn't amused by the humor of the CNN anchor. Rivers insisted her comments were not mean. She claims she simply tells the truth when discussing fashion and other things and that she really says the same things other people say.

In reply to criticism that Rivers makes jokes about things which are generally off limits she replied that life is really rough for most people and if things can be made easier by making it funny than why not do it. Rivers sees a lot of people as going through hell in their lives which is probably about right. She recollected that Winston Churchill once said if you make someone laugh well than you are giving them a vacation. And if you can take the worst thing in the world and turn that into something funny than you are giving people a vacation from horror.

Rivers completely gave up on the interview when Whitfield mentioned that she was wearing fur on the cover of her new book, "Diary of a Mad Diva", and she suggested Rivers should have known this would cause a problem with PETA protestors. Rivers shot back that the entire interview was becoming a defense experience for her. She hit back at Whitfield asking if she was wearing leather shoes.

Rivers also asked Whitfield if she eats meat and chicken. Rivers told Whitfield to get back to her when she was wearing a paper belt and told her to just shut up. Rivers than said she would be cutting the interview short and walked off the set. Although Whitfield appeared in shock and apparently was hoping this was just one big joke, it turned out to be for real. Let's hope Rivers gets the picture that this is all actually very amusing anyway.

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