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Jimmy Carter thinking aloud about women in politics

Controversial Jimmy Carter was coy and reserved about endorsing Hillary Clinton for President. That report came from commentary on CNN today. What did he say exactly? One source is the Huffington Post who featured a video synopsis. Carter observed the obvious that women in political office is about 18% and that is far from being representative of women in society. Democrats are also highlighting that women are not paid equally with their male counterparts performing the same or similar work. That isn’t fair, and it is time to catch up. At issue is how fast should the rate of catchup be? Republicans are slower to grasp the problem and the need to close the gap.

Jimmy Carter is candid about his views
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

Death and Taxes Magazine published an article titled, “Maybe Republican women could sign waivers on being cool with less pay than men?” They smacked down FoxNews saying:

“Unsurprisingly, Fox News does not so much think it a problem–or a thing. In fact, they are all pretty sure that myriad studies showing the 77% figure, including the most recent one conducted by the American Association of University Women, have been made up for the express purpose of busting balls.”

The DailyKos has a spin on this too.

“Republicans are mounting a counteroffensive against Equal Pay Day, the Paycheck Fairness Act, and indeed the very notion that equal pay is a serious issue. Since you can't straight-up admit to opposing equal pay, the substance of the Republican counteroffensive is essentially this: We support equal pay. Just not any efforts to actually make it a reality.”

Maybe the reason why Democrats like President Carter are not jumping up and down for Hillary Clinton has to do with her not being fully committed to running for president. She said in a CBS News report that she is thinking about it and that she wants to be certain that she can make a difference once elected. So, why should people make up their minds when she is in the same mode as Jeb Bush, for instance?

See the Huffington Post interview here:

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