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Jesus was a Reiki Master

Jesus was a Reiki Master.

Reiki, the use of the Universal Life Force Energy, taps into the infinite energy, allowing that energy to flow through and toward a specific person, situation, object, or place.

Jesus acted as a conduit for God’s powerful work, and acted as a house for the Holy Spirit to live. He emptied His mind, prepared his heart, and asked that God’s will be done through Him.

Spiritual people of all religions (and no religion) do that. They ask to be led and shown what their own individual paths are, and to be reminded when they waver.

Reiki practitioners, and healers of all kinds, have been doing energy work, like Jesus did. Cultures and religions around the globe have healers of different kinds who use varying terms, and a style unique to their roots, but are tapping into the same infinite energy and expression of love: God. They all ask that the Universal Life Force flow through to greater awareness and healing.

Some people are healers who have had no training and no education, but they recognize their gift of healing and find ways to integrate it into a society that demands scientific backing for all claims. Some become trained in counseling, medicine, or ministry, yet others turn to teaching, coaching, and creative arts to do their healing work. They hear the voice of God (or whatever other term they use for identifying the Divine) and follow it, but they don’t necessarily tell everyone that is the place from which they work.

Reiki practitioners in the west have worked through medicine and massage therapy, yoga, counseling and other fields, but are feeling drawn more and more to share their experiences and their purpose as it becomes more clear. As humanity grows and learns (and expands its vocabulary) people are seeing the One-ness of it all, and are realizing that regardless of the term or the philosophy, it’s all about energy.

Some Christians believe that only Jesus could heal people. Others remember that the laying on of hands is found in various places of the Bible, and is not unique only to Him. And still others recall that Jesus admitted He isn’t the only one who could do this work! He said that all people could do what He could do, and more!

The requirement is that a person has to empty his/her mind of its individual desires and attachments. The person must ask God to work through him/her. The person has to get out of the way and let the work be done. The person has to listen and follow what is being told. Just like Jesus did.

God didn’t speak only to Jesus. God spoke to (and continues to speak to) people all over the world. God has “spoken” since people have been on this planet. This is the reason God is a term that has been used through religions and mythology, illustrated in cave paintings or architectural wonders, since man began trying to express himself. Man recognized something much larger than himself, and began the quest to find words to discuss this with others.

A room full of Christians may all identify themselves as Christian, but may all have varying ideas of exactly what that means, yet they are all still Christian. A sampling of people from all over the world may state a belief in God, but have a slight variation on what that means. But they still believe in a power much greater than themselves (i.e. nature, physics, sacred geometry, science, or energy), which isn’t completely understood with the brain, yet the glimpses of understanding fuel the belief that those concepts are true (read faith).

Reiki practitioners invoke the Universal Life Force Energy to work through them for the greatest good of the person they are working with, whether in a hands-on session or in a distance session.

People of religion invoke their term for God to work to heal another through prayer, regardless of the person’s greatest good. (How can people think they know another’s greatest good? What happened to “Thy will be done”?)

Reiki practitioners and other trained healers ask for the greatest good to reveal itself. They call on the Universal Life Force Energy or God to work as it should, and this does not always mean perfect health the way society defines it. Having a Reiki practitioner work on a sick person does not always facilitate healing because not all people are ready for healing, and not all healing means wellness or freedom from disease.

Centuries past, the idea of energy didn’t exist. For all things that one didn’t understand, a story was created to explain it. These events were attributed to the omnipotent power that throughout time, evolved into the concept of God. This same idea of that power later split off into hundreds of sects of hundreds of religions; and yet, it’s the same thing.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed and is within and around us, omnipresent. God. When we quiet our minds to hear our greatest guidance, we are connecting with that same Source. When we sit in nature and sense a kindred feeling with all that surrounds us, it’s the Divine. When we have common unity and fellowship with others, we are two or more gathering to share and connect with the same energy. God. (Jesus if we are Christian.)

No singular religion can completely define that constant energy any more than this brief essay can because each person must connect with and experience the Source in his or her own unique way. Some will go on to be great healers, aspiring to do and be and live as Jesus did, others will connect with the highest self to eventually reach nirvana as the Buddha did, and still others will follow or create paths of personal experience choosing from the buffet of bounty the world’s religions, spirituality, and science have to offer.

Yes, Jesus was a Reiki Master who experienced God as the Universal Life Force Energy, and who tried to teach about it in a way that could be understood in those days. Today it is apparent that such things cannot be understood with the brain but must be intuited and experienced within the soul, that spark of the Divine that lives within all things.


Sat Nam.

Laurie M. Knight, creator of Healing CenterEd and author of Journal to the Center of the Soul, is an activist for spiritual growth. She seeks to help people see the sameness in all religions, faiths, traditions and philosophies, because the deeper one digs, the more alike things become.


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