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Jessica Brown Findlay sex tape clip online? ‘Downton Abbey’ star is hacked

Jessica Brown Findlay's lawyers are hunting down the sex tape hackers
Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

The Jessica Brown Findlay sex tape being shopped around Hollywood unfortunately brings a whole new element to the Hollywood scandal that started with naked pictures of Hollywood’s biggest stars. While fans have pledged not to view images of Jennifer Lawrence naked, this new element has everyone is shock. According to Gossip Cop on Wednesday there are clips of the “Downton Abbey” star online from the latest hacking incident and the actress is extremely humiliated.

While the details of the clips aren't entirely known, the short versions of the longer video could be shopped to the highest buyer. However, as Jessica Brown Findlay’s legal council will suggest, the video is private property. It would be criminal if sold, shared or given to any other party without the actress’ permission.

Jessica Brown Findlay is an English actress and best known for playing Lady Sybil Crawley in the series “Downton Abbey.” What makes her inclusion in the list of Hollywood females who have had their privacy violated in this latest scandal is that this star lives in Europe primarily and her connection to Hollywood is on film more than location.

As the FBI and other authorities try to track down the hackers for this alleged incident, the fans once again are stepping in to support the actresses. People are pledging not to share the clips on social media and other viewers are vowing to turn in violators. While this might not help the entertainer feel any better, it is good to know that fans are willing to stand together to make sure this scandal stops. As for anyone buying the clips of the sex tape, the hackers shouldn't hold their breath. Fans would totally go off on anyone who thinks of publishing the tape without permission.

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