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Jesse Ventura: Where was Republican impeachment talk when Reagan and Bush lied

Jesse Ventura questions the motives of the Republican party in regards to the possible push to impeach President Obama.
Jesse Ventura questions the motives of the Republican party in regards to the possible push to impeach President Obama.

The latest Republican attack on President Obama is a lawsuit that will bill American taxpayers $500 an hour. Republicans claim the president is overreaching in his use of executive orders, and they haven't ruled out a possible impeachment push.

Ever since Barack Obama won the 2008 election to become the President of the United States, Republicans were quick to craft a negative narrative about the then Senator of Illinois. A message molded with buzz words such as socialist, communist and even worse were commonly used by Republicans in Washington and with conservative in rallies and town hall meetings across the country. With all the talk of possible impeachment, former governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura is wondering why Republicans are so hell bent on impeachment all of a sudden.

During Tuesday's episode of "Off the Grid" on, host Jesse Ventura spoke about the Republican plan to sue President Obama that could end up leading to impeachment. Ventura asked why Republicans didn't attempt to impeach Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush after they were caught in controversial situations where the administrations had to go into full spin mode.

"Where were all these guys when Ronald Reagan lied about arms for hostages? Was there impeachment talks then? Where were these guys when George Bush and Dick Cheney lied and put us into the Iraq war? They told us about weapons of mass destruction and ties to al Qaeda that Iraq had. Where was the impeachment talk then? Ya know, just because you differ politically with the president, doesn't mean you have to go to the level of impeachment. Every four years we elect a new one. Why don't you try working for that end? All this is, is that they are not getting their way so they are trying to drum up another way so they can get their way. It's called politics. Get back to doing your jobs and quit talking about impeachment. 2016 there's a new election." pointed to a report from Politico on Tuesday that the current lawsuit brought on by Republicans against President Obama will cost American taxpayers $500 an hour, up to as much as $350,000. Mudslinging is not new in politics, but as Gov. Ventura mentions, the Republicans seem to have taken it to a whole new level. Instead of wasting the American people's money, they should stick to doing things the old fashion way: winning elections.