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Jenny McCarthy brings her Dirty, Sexy, Funny tour to Boston this weekend

Jenny McCarthy is bringing her Dirty, Sexy, Funny tour to The Wilbur on Saturday, June 14, along with her hand-picked slate of all-female stand up comedians who will present an outrageous look at life as a modern woman. After the hugely successful Epix special which was shot at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, McCarthy hit the road with her hilarious entourage to bring their brand of up-close and personal humor to fans throughout the country.

McCarthy, who recently got engaged to Boston's own Donnie Wahlberg, brings her Dirty, Sexy, Funny tour to The Wilbur on Saturday
Photo by Jamie McCarthy

“About three years ago, I was sitting at a comedy club, and you know how there's always one comedian that you really laugh hard, and the rest are kind of like, meh?” McCarthy recently told the Boston Comedy Scene Examiner. “I went again to a comedy club, and the same thing happened. There was one comedian where I started laughing hard, and everybody else, eh. I thought, I wonder if I picked, hand-picked everybody, a group of girls that I thought were hilarious, the funniest ones of the night, and put them under a brand, and what would happen? So, for literally two and a half years - I'm not kidding - I went club to club to club to club with a napkin and a pen and pulled those where I think they're my kind of humor: really raw, real--what girls really think, feel, and say, you know, want to say but don't. And there came Dirty Sexy Funny, and we had an Epix special, and then I sort of took it on the road. Everyone who has come to the show - if you look at the reviews on Twitter - people say this show is f**king awesome and hilarious. So, it's working.”

With performances from Justine Marino, Tammy Pescatelli, Lynne Koplitz, Paula Bel and Tiffany Haddish, as well as a series of sketch vignettes from McCarthy herself, the Dirty, Sexy, Funny tour will no doubt leave certain kings of comedy a little nervous about their thrones as it continues to roll through the country.

“Right now, I just have it kind of not ending,” McCarthy cites about the tour’s future plans. “So, I'm concentrating on the east coast right now, and we've got dates going all the way up to the end of the summer, but I would like the tour to continue. So, hoping it keeps going as good as it is, and we can be the kings of comedy, at least for the girls. It's just such a boys' club, those groups. There was nothing for girls, and I love stand-up comedians. I'm not one, but I definitely still host the night, and I have my own little vignettes, video vignettes, that I've filmed and show throughout the show. You definitely feel like you still get part of my humor in there. I'm just not doing the, you know, knock-knock jokes.”

McCarthy, who recently got engaged to actor and Boston native Donnie Wahlberg, is very much looking forward to performing for the Boston crowd this weekend – any why wouldn’t she? After all, this makes her an honorary Boston girl.

“Can I tell you something weird? Ever since probably high school, I had a feeling I was going to marry a Boston boy. Maybe because I took a prom date from Boston. And I dated two other guys in college that were from Boston, and then I dated a guy who I made out with on New Year's Eve, in Times Square. I'm true to my word. I really thought I was going to get with a Boston guy. Probably TMI right now, but I've got the best Boston guy in the world.”

Don’t miss the hottest tour around as it hits Boston’s The Wilbur this Saturday, June 14 – and spend your evening laughing with the country’s funniest ladies. Jenny McCarthy’s Dirty, Sexy, Funny starts at 7:00 p.m., and tickets are available through The Wilbur box office. The Wilbur is located at 246 Tremont Street in Boston’s historic Theatre District.

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