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Jennifer Lawrence’s weed smoking photos don’t cause much of a scandal

Why doesn't anyone care about Jennifer Lawrence smoking weed?
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

When Jennifer Lawrence was photographed smoking what appeared to be weed during a trip to Hawaii, the photos got a ton of tabloid attention. However, according to a March 1 report by Yahoo! Shine, the photos failed to cause much of a scandal. So why doesn’t the world care about J-Law enjoying a joint?

Instead of buzzing about Jennifer toking up, the internet seemed more impressed that she was caught without makeup in the photos. And with the actress also recently opening up about her love of Photoshop, all the talk about her looks and the altering of them helped to make Jen’s joint a bit of a non-story.

Shine speculates that Jennifer Lawrence’s weed smoking didn’t cause much of a scandal because the actress is “self-deprecating, unpolished, unapologetic and awesomely funny.” So basically she can do no wrong because people are in love with her amazing personality.

Kristen Stewart, who is often painted as Jen’s rival, did cause a scandal when she was photographed smoking weed on her doorstep back in 2008. People probably found her illegal behavior shocking because she had so many young “Twilight” fans admiring her and looking up to her. Few people are up in arms about Jen being a bad influence on young fans of “The Hunger Games,” and it’s doubtful Jen will respond to her pot smoking photos the way Kristen Stewart did -- years later K-Stew complained that she was unfairly labeled as being a delinquent because of the pictures.

Shine goes on to claim that Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus caused much bigger scandals by being photographed smoking weed, but did they really? No one was probably surprised to learn that Miley enjoys toking up after seeing her old salvia smoking video, and the Biebs’ certainly hasn’t lost any Beliebers because of the photos that recently surfaced of the star with a joint in his hand.

It’s no secret that popular celebs like Rihanna, Jack Nicholson, Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Woody Harrelson, and Matthew McConaughey are marijuana fans, and their love of ganja hasn’t killed their careers. Even the POTUS was once photographed with pot!

Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence and other beloved stars like those mentioned above might just be helping to alter the public’s opinion of pot. They all smoke and are extremely successful, so they’re combating the image that weed smokers are all lazy, unemployed losers. The entertainment industry has come a long way from its “Reefer Madness” days.

More and more Americans seem to be warming up to the idea of legalizing marijuana, and two states have already done so. So since attitudes toward cannabis have changed so much in recent years, perhaps it shouldn’t be that surprising that no one cares about Jen celebrating her Oscar win with a joint and a bottle of wine in Hawaii -- instead she probably has tons of people wishing they were there to puff, puff, pass with the actress.


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