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Jennifer Aniston: From motherhood to marriage


Jennifer Aniston/AP Photo

Jennifer Aniston

February 11, 1969

10:22 pm

Los Angeles, CA 

It’s been years since Jennifer Aniston’s split with Brad Pitt and her fans are dying to know if wedding bells and children are in her future. What better day than her birthday to see what the stars have to say about the famous “friend” we know as Jennifer Aniston?

Jennifer’s chart begins with Mars in Scorpio in the Second House. With this placement of Mars, we know Jennifer is highly motivated when it comes to work. Her intense drive leads her to steady accomplishments each and every time. This will be a life-long trait. On a personal note, this is also a placement for individuals with high sex drives. According to the stars, her sexual appetite far surpasses that of Angelina Jolie, Pitt’s current squeeze. Mars is also semi-square Jupiter, conjunct Neptune and sextile Pluto. These additional aspects tell us Jennifer sometimes agrees to projects before thinking them through. This sometimes conflicts with her inner feelings. On a positive note, the public has only witnessed the beginning of her altruism. She has a definite purpose, and thanks to Mars in Scorpio, rest assured she will carry it out. 

Next in the Second House is Neptune in Scorpio. Jennifer will never have to worry about finances. Instead, she will continue to grow her current fortune, as well as invest it wisely. She’s a believer in life after death, but not a believer in conventional religion. Again, this is a placement for those with a strong sex drive. Neptune sextile Pluto is the first aspect indicating children in her future. The results are in – she’s destined to be a mom. 

Last in the Second House is the Moon in Sagittarius. Though wealth is heavily in the stars for Jennifer, the simple things in life make her the happiest. Though she may not yet realize it, atypical relationships will work best for her. Having a baby outside of wedlock and situations of the like outside of the typical social norm would work out more advantageously than what’s considered “normal”.  The Moon is sextile the Sun and semi-sextile Mars. Again, this confirms she will be a mother in the near future. These aspects  additionally confirm continued altruism. In carrying out her purpose, she will be a meaningful source of encouragement to hundreds of thousands. Further, the Moon is trine Saturn and Square Pluto. Jennifer loves her privacy, especially when it comes to personal emotions. 

Moving on to the Fourth House, Mercury appears first in Aquarius. With this, we know Jennifer was deeply affected by her divorce with Brad Pitt. Their marriage encompassed a special unity and she believed wholeheartedly she would be starting a family in the near future. Her mind is still security minded when it comes to the concept of family. With Mercury trine Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, Jennifer is a great friend and counselor to those close to her. She’s an excellent problem solver and very quick with her words. She’d do well in the political realm with traits like this. 

Next to Mercury in Aquarius in the Fourth House is the Sun. Again, this placement suggests a need for security through establishing her own family. It would be helpful for Jennifer to realize this desire begins and ends with her. For her, marriage and children do not have to fall in standard order. A good time for a child is now. This placement also informs us Jennifer has a warm heart for all human beings, especially the underdogs and those of other cultures. The Sun has a number of aspects presenting challenges as well as good fortune for Jennifer. The Sun is square Mars and Neptune and semi-square Venus. This reaffirms that Jennifer agrees to things before considering her inner emotions. Unfortunately, there’s always a price to pay for this continued course of action. 

In the Sixth House, Venus is found in Aries. Jennifer has a gift for communicating on a deeply personal level with those she loves, and she is incredibly caring. Though this makes her a bit vulnerable, this is a very nice trait for a person to possess for it allows true intimacy to exist in relationships. Venus is also opposite Jupiter and Uranus. These aspects again indicate continual decision-making that goes against her true inner desires. Though she is a wonderful counselor to others, a good counsel is recommended in turn before making big decisions. 

Saturn is also found in Aries in the Sixth House. This is an excellent placement for diet and health. Those looking for a dietary role model can look no further than Jennifer Aniston. On the downside, that brash decision-making aspect rears its ugly head again. 

The next planet to appear in Jennifer’s chart is Pluto in Virgo in the Eleventh House. Jennifer loves the company of philosophically and spiritually compatible people. She is incredibly caring and compassionate.  

In the Twelfth House, Uranus is found in Libra. Caring for others will be a life-long trait for Jennifer. Here, the stars indicate there will be another marriage; however, expect it to be anything but typical. Uranus is sextile Neptune. This is a happy aspect for relationships with musicians or involvement with music. Jennifer has a strong vision of unity and will work towards making that vision a reality. 

Last in Jennifer’s chart is Jupiter in Libra in the Twelfth House. Don’t be surprised if Jennifer attempts a career in addition to acting in the years to come. Regardless of profession, this placement of Jupiter only again confirms that Jennifer is a great listener and counselor with a gigantic open heart.

* The information in the above article is not the opinion of the author, but rather an astrological interpretation based upon the placement of the planets in the houses of the celebrity’s birth chart. Charts are said to be less accurate when the time of birth is not known. Chart pulled, courtesy of Science of Astrology. To have your own birth chart e-mailed to you for only $10, please visit Science of Astrology. **50% of all chart order proceeds for the entire month of February are donated to Haiti earthquake victims through the World Food Programme.



  • FBueller 5 years ago

    She definitely seems like she's more normal than Angie. Then again maybe Brad's the oddball.

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