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Jennifer Aniston cuts hair after bad Brazilian: Reasons why this could happen

Jennifer Aniston chopped her locks after a bad Brazilian hair treatment.
Jag Gundu/Getty Images

OMG, Jennifer Aniston got a haircut! With another Aniston headline, one would assume the movie star is pregnant, again, however this is not the case. Jennifer has joined the celebrity haircut of the month club and now has a bob due to a hair disaster, according to E! News on Wednesday. Be sure to read to the end for a few reasons why a Brazilian would cause hair breakage.

From pixies to bobs, celebrities such as Kristin Chenoweth, Pamela Anderson, Beyoncé and Kelly Ripa have been chopping their hair off, and Jennifer Aniston has joined the latest hair trend, not out of the need for a change, but thanks to a salon service gone wrong.

The woman with the most famous haircut has returned to her roots, so to speak, or at least one of them from the many hairstyles Jennifer Aniston has donned throughout her career. Her famed hairstylist and friend, Chris McMillan took off several inches from the 44-year-old’s locks on October 30, but the “We’re the Millers” actress first debuted her dramatic, graduated bob in Los Angeles on Monday.

Reports from Elle UK and Pop Sugar have it that Jennifer Aniston’s hair did not react well to a Brazilian Treatment, which means to the Hair Care Examiner that her ends either frizzed or broke off.

It wasn't for a role. My hair went through a phase. I did this thing called a Brazilian, and my hair did not react really well to it. It's about two-inches above my shoulders now.

This thing called a Brazilian has many names: Brazilian Blowouts, Keratin Treatments or any other smoothing system, which can be beneficial for the hair, adding moisture and controlling frizz for sleek locks. However, negative reactions can appear for a variety of reason such as, if too much product is used in the salon service, excessive ironing occurs during the treatment, the client is pregnant or has over-processed hair.

Not long ago, the smoothing treatments were under fire for formaldehyde use, however beauty companies scrambled to remove the hazardous chemical to offer guest a safer, yet similar beautiful service.

To avoid Jennifer Aniston’s hair disaster, be sure to discuss any and all concerns with your licensed professional. A thorough hairstylist will be more than willing to disclose ingredients of the product in question, if a Brazilian treatment is what you desire.

Although she likes her new haircut, Jennifer Aniston told Elle UK, she cannot wait to grow it back.

The minute I cut my hair I want it back. Always. It's a guarantee. I'm trying really hard to love this one.

Honestly, she can rock any hairstyle. You can see Jennifer Aniston’s new look at E! News.

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