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Jen Lancaster rocks it again with an addiction to reality TV in My Fair Lazy

My Fair Lazy
My Fair Lazy
Penguin Group

The fact is that her books are memoirs but they do not cancel out her love for a good designer bag. 

The fact is that in My Fair Lazy: One Reality Television Addict's Attempt to Discover If Not Being A Dumb Ass Is the New Black, or, a Culture-Up Manifesto (whew!) she chronicles her personal Eliza Doolittle transformation, or JENaissance, but does not lose her ability to tell people to 'suck it'.

The fact is that she is one the best and most entertaining real-life-chick-lit writers out there and her latest offering proves it all over again.

Jen Lancaster is a friend of yours.  Or she could be.  Most people have a friend like her and it's hard to read her memoirs without picturing said friend. The tales told in Lancaster's books make it hard not to relate to her and her ummm... addictions.

In My Fair LazyLancaster comes to terms with her love of those willing to bare their issues and more on television and she realizes, during an interview with her literary hero Candace Bushnell no less, that she may want to broaden her horizons- a skosh.

Just as she did in her other books including Bitter is the New Blackand Such a Pretty Fat Lancaster takes her readers with her on a humorous adventure-filled trip, this time to find culture.  She attends the theater, modern dance performances, and food and wine pairing parties.  She learns to 'handle herself" in situations and realizes she does have more class that a Rock of Love contestant.

Her transformation (complete with footnotes, which are hilarious) makes her even more relatable and funny.  Who hasn't decided to "culture-up" in some fashion only to take a few spills along the way?  How many of us have also found that our pets and comfort food make for the best reality TV companions?  And who wouldn't find overwhelming joy in introducing yourself to Alec Baldwin as a "New York Times best selling author, mother..." well sometimes you may have minor setbacks.  Or not.

My Fair Lazydoes not 'suck it'.  It rocks it. And it's available today.


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