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Jeff Jarrett announces his new 'Global Force Wrestling' promotion

Jeff Jarrett Global Force Wrestling
Jeff Jarrett Global Force Wrestling
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It looks like there are two brand new wrestling promotions starting up in the near future. Last week in an exclusive interview with, Shane Douglas announced that he was starting a new promotion similar to the old UWF and now SB Nation reported on April 7 that Jeff Jarrett will start a new promotion called Global Force Wrestling.

Jeff Jarrett has been teasing his professional wrestling news for the last two months but he wanted to wait until "Wrestlemania 30" was over with to announce it so that it wouldn't be overshadowed. However, thanks to Daniel Bryan's win and Undertaker losing his streak, it was slightly overlooked anyway.

According to Jarrett, he is going to push his new wrestling promotion to the fans, giving them what they want. He said that he will make more announcements over the next few weeks including giving the possible launch date for the new company.

Interestingly, Toby Keith's name was not included in the original press release that went out today. There was a lot of rumors that Keith was a major financial backer, but Jarrett said that they will announce "strategic partners" for Global Force Wrestling over the coming weeks. According to the press release, there are over 400 performers from across the globe in the evolving GWF.

The Shane Douglas wrestling promotion will be called Classic Wrestling Federation and Douglas said it will start possibly in the next year.