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Japanese culture shown through anime

Since its inception in the 70s, Japan has introduced its culture to nations worldwide. The impact of the culture has been taught to anime lovers indirectly, who have grown a love and appreciation for the culture. Through different anime such as Ninja Gaiden, XXCholic, and Perfect Blue, anime lovers are shown how the people of Japan live according to their traditions, beliefs, and customs. Although the life styles are similar to that of other nations, such as the style of modern clothes, the characters portrayed in the anime show us how very different life can be. Particularly when it comes to school. And several anime show the school life of the student.

Contrary to popular opinion on some role-playing forums, school in Japan has three terms. The first term begins directly in April and ends in July with the summer holiday. The summer holiday lasts from July through August. At the end of the summer holiday , the second term begins in September through December. The winter holiday begins at the end of December through the beginning of January. The third term begins in January, after the end of the winter holiday, and lasts up March. There is then a spring holiday lasting from March to April. When April arrives again, a new school year starts and students who pass their classes are in a higher grade at the next school term.

Anime, such as Peach Girl, Ouran High School, Rosario Vampire, Clannad, Bleach (the first season), and Fruits Basket show anime characters attending school according to the term semesters designed by educational standards in Japan. And just like in Japan's schools, anime characters attending school also wear uniforms.

From religious beliefs to life at home, to work, and festivals. The more we watch anime the more we get to take a glimpse into Japan's culture from our very homes. And to our teachers' delight we learn about that culture and even greater, come to respect it.


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