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Japanese adult TV channel hosts 'breast squeeze' benefit for AIDS research

We've seen some crazy television shows come out of Japan, but this has to qualify as the craziest. Paradise TV, a Japanese satellite adult channel, recently hosted an unusual charity event: a breast squeeze benefit.

Paradise TV
Paradise TV

You read that correctly. The breast squeeze event was part of its "Erotica Will Save The World" event, a 24-hour live-streamed event late this month in Tokyo.

The event went down as follows: after making a donation and sanitizing their hands, participants over the age of 18 were allowed to squeeze the breasts of one of 10 Japanese adult video actresses. A limit of two squeezes per hand were allowed.

If another squeeze was desired, donors had to ante up again.

All the money raised at the charity breast squeeze went to benefit STOP!AIDS, an organization aimed at promoting AIDS awareness, treatment and prevention. It is not affiliated with the Stop AIDS Project that is run by the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

Although this was for charity, don't let Paradise TV fool you. One of the network's most popular shows is called "I Will Lose My Virginity," which is a two-hour live broadcast of a woman ... well, losing her virginity.

According to the Tokyo Reporter, "Weeks in advance, a promo asking subscribers whether they would want to see the first experience of a certain female virgin, who receives a proper introduction during the spot, is interspersed within Paradise’s programming." If demand, as signified via phone calls and e-mails, is high enough, the show will proceed.

So far over two dozen girls have lost their virginity on Paradise TV.


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