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Italian professor to reveal evidence of extraterrestrials among us


Professor Stefano Breccia led a distinguished career as an electrical engineer and taught at a number of universities in Italy and Europe before his retirement.  He is the author of Mass Contacts, a book detailing evidence of human looking extraterrestrials having lived in several underground bases in Italy from 1956-1978. According to Prof Breccia, some of the extraterrestrials were over 8 foot tall and allowed themselves to be photographed. In early January he will travel to the U.S. to present evidence for his remarkable conclusions. He is a keynote presenter at the annual Earth Transformation Conference in Hawaii (Jan 7-10, 2010) that brings together pioneers in New Science, Alternative Healing, human consciousness and extraterrestrial contact. Prof Breccia plans to present audio and film evidence of human looking extraterrestrials interacting with more than 100 private citizens over several decades in the largest contact case in modern history.

Prof Breccia has investigated the Amicizia (Friendship) case over several decades during which he got to meet and question more than 80 of the primary witnesses in Italy and other countries. Testimonies revealed that many of the extraterrestrials could easily blend into human society and even take normal jobs when necessary. He learned that the extraterrestrials had established bases in Italy that extended out into the Adriatic. This was supported by the research of prominent Italian UFO researcher Dr Roberto Pinotti who at the end of his own investigations concluded that “a group of human looking aliens from far away stars had built a huge underground structure along the shore of the Adriatic sea.” Italian citizens helped the extraterrestrials by delivering food, fruit and other supplies.  The largest of the bases held heavy machinery, while smaller bases were used as living quarters. The extraterrestrials held other bases in the solar system which could be quickly built or dismantled when the situation required. 

A general in the Italian Carabineers, Gaetano Tamborrini Orsini, befriended some of the original witnesses. An additional three Italian military generals, as well as diplomats, Nobel Laureates and politicians were all involved according to Breccia. This reveals that Italian and foreign authorities were closely monitoring the situation. Significantly, the Italian authorities did nothing to close down the bases and apparently did not interfere in private efforts to keep the extraterrestrials supplied. The only condition appeared to be that the witnesses keep their contacts secret. A condition that the main witness, Bruno Sammaciccia insisted upon until his death in 2003. The Friendship case helps confirm the accounts of a number of American contactees and whistleblowers that human looking extraterrestrials have blended into human society, and this is a closely guarded secret by the U.S. and other governments.

According to the original witnesses described in Breccia’s book, Mass Contact, most of the extraterrestrial bases were destroyed in 1978, by a group of ‘synthetic’ extraterrestrials. Breccia described at some length the differing philosophies between these extraterrestrial groups that at times came into violent conflict. At his upcoming presentation in Hawaii, Breccia will reveal that the human looking Amicizia extraterrestrials did not however stop their contacts. The contacts have continued up to the present, and Breccia has become involved in some of these. Breccia will also present in Hawaii a detailed analysis of a photo   showing one of the extraterrestrials who was approximately ten feet tall (see above photo).  More importantly, Prof Breccia will speak of his own direct experiences concerning the Amicizia extraterrestrials that he will reveal for the first time with an American audience. In terms of its overall impact, number of participants involved, and documentary evidence compiled, Mass Contact is the most astonishing case of human extraterrestrial contact in modern history.

 [Event Notice: Prof Stefano Brecia will be speaking about the Friendship case at the upcoming Earth Transformation Conference on the Big Island of Hawaii (January 7-12, 2010).The conference features 11 international speakers discussing healing, new science, consciousness and extraterrestrial contact.]

For more info: Book is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble

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  • Jack Sheppard 5 years ago

    Great account if true, Dr Salla.
    I hope you do a follow up on this.

  • James Black 5 years ago

    Exopolitics reaches the point of CERO value.
    What you do when you read the titles of the market tabloids? You just smile.
    I think that Exos do not even try to make things BELIEVABLE.
    They are in the Entertainment Business, and they recognize this.
    But...(here is the point.) Thanks to this mass of total absurdities, the whole UFO phenomenon looks absurd, and it is NOT.
    That is why the best friends of the Cover Up are the Exopoliticians.

  • mark 5 years ago

    These reports get more and more ridiculous every time. Who really believes this crap??!!

  • David Biedny 5 years ago

    Wait - you're saying that the photo above is showing an "alien", 10 feet tall?!?!?


  • Richie Suraci 5 years ago

    You can tell some of these responses are getting censored and deleted when one writes something then it is no longer here....

    As I said before this sheds interesting light on the same old subject, from a different point of view and a different location in the world, but lets see lots and lots of real, concrete evidence of what the writer is claiming, not some come on to get people to come to another conference and sell these idea's to the masses and make money off another hokus pokus theory.

  • Richie Suraci 5 years ago

    After looking at this tall, "so-called alien" large man I was wondering what this big bulge was inside of his shorts, can anyone answer that with factual evidence.

    What kind of alien is this guy and who in their right mind would classify "it" as an alien and why?

  • Andre Heath 5 years ago

    This is excellent news, Michael.

    I only wished that the professor's revelation could be done now. Is it possible that we could have a preview of his photographs and videos prior to the Earth Transformation Conference next year?

    Thanks again for the report and like Jack said, I do hope for a consistent follow up.


  • matt anerson 5 years ago

    giants, they are referd to as kenites in the bible

  • matt anderson 5 years ago

    of i should say decendents of Cane

  • Gyani 5 years ago

    What a gorgeous handsome man - a real being human. Wish that I could meet him.

  • Andre Heath 5 years ago

    This is excellent news, Michael.

    I only wished that the professor's revelation could be done now. Is it possible that we could have a preview of his photographs and videos prior to the Earth Transformation Conference next year?

    Thanks again for the report and like Jack said, I do hope for a consistent follow up.


  • viridian 5 years ago

    Hi Michael, The photo, while enigmatic, needed to have a human beside him, animal, or other object to clearly demarcate height. SUrely the photographer would have realized that! Otherwise, he might be tall, i.e. 6'6"", rather than 10'. Have to say I find 10' more than a stretch of the imagination!

  • Anthra-Andromda 5 years ago

    Sorry folks but this isnt real just for the gullible who will pay $400US to listen to it.

    Sorry Dr. Salla, You have been offered the real deal by two individuals...and I guess you passed.

    Real disclosure is FREE, 'cause ET has no use for Earth money.

  • lynda denham 5 years ago

    If he is alien, he has obviously picked up the American's bad habit of overeating. One would think an advanced society would have conquered this by now.

  • DeusEx 5 years ago

    If the photo is any indication of the evidence Breccia will be offering up, count me out. The man looks about 6 foot but looks taller due to the smaller tree in the foreground. Optical illusion anyone?

  • DeusEx 5 years ago

    Hmm, a quick Google search reveals another site claiming this man or extraterrestrial (as you claim) to be closer to 7-8 feet. Nothing extraordinary. What's next? A blistering expose' on the extraterrestrial takeover of the NBA?

  • Graham 5 years ago

    This photo doesn't really show us anything. He looks human, dresses like a human, and maybe he IS a human. My mind is open and I believe anything is possible. I don't automatically believe what I read even if I want it to be true, but I don't automatically say it isn't true either. I think many of us won't believe it because we are afraid of looking foolish. I think it's more foolish to close your mind off completely.

  • McKenna 5 years ago

    Yeah, Mr. Professor dude are you sure this guy is an alien?

  • N1Knows 5 years ago

    Last week,I made a comment about the fact that Salla would be good, if employed by an organisation that wished to make even the intellectual side of research into the potential for life outside our planet look ridiculous. This was removed. I feel it unfair that, if Salla is allowed to say absolutely anything he feels, then why remove my comment?

  • DeusEx 5 years ago

    I've been censored myself. Feel free to join the uncensored discussion at

  • majorramo 5 years ago

    what if this alien being is projecting a false appearance? but then how does a ten foot tall alien take ordinary jobs and interface with humans, while avoiding detection and official surveillance?

  • Question authority 5 years ago

    He looks pritty big...and sort of strange;-)

  • Bas 5 years ago

    this is crazy that guy is clearly too fat and that buldge in his pants lolwut

  • buffet 5 years ago

    that guys gonna be annoyed when he finds out somebody put his holiday photos online, and people think he looks like an alien. LOL

  • Herman Munster 5 years ago

    Most of the posters here get it, at least there's that!!

    The guy is your average Dude with a bit of a belly bulge.

    Is anyone else getting sick of this ET Bull?? I mean I'm a believer...they exist and all. But all of this SECRECY on the part of our Governments AND the ET's themselves tells me there isn't much to see really. It seems the ET's have the same or similar agendas as our own Governments and the General Powers That Be.

    How can that be interesting. After disclosure it's going to be the same power play as before. If the ET's are here they certainly are not our friends.

  • Vince Flynn 5 years ago

    ROFL!! How come the shadows of the trees go one way and his shadow goes another? doctored!

  • valerie brooks 5 years ago

    hey where did my comment go? Basically, all I did was say I don't see where that guy in the pic is an ET. Actually he's the spitting image of someone I know that went to MIT.

  • Savanna 5 years ago

    I dont see ufo disclosure happen today, tomorrow or ever, there is
    too much involved and I dont believe any body has tha much nerves
    to take the lead and do it, including Micheal. Savanna

  • Savanna 5 years ago

    If there is going to be any true ufo disclosure it will be
    directly from the extraterrestrials themselves, all they have
    to do is come down and disclose they are here, among us. What are they
    waiting for anyway? Cant they see that the human kind is too weak
    to disclose them, too scared to talk about them and too intimidated by
    government and military officials? The help has to come from the ets and from ets alone, if they truly care. Savanna

  • James 5 years ago

    So why is there nothing in the photo to indicate size for comparison?? A normal sized person? a car, horse, dollar bill, anything verifiable? anything?

  • Marcus Braan 5 years ago

    It is almost impossible for another race to look like us.

  • Nyox 5 years ago

    Rationality is essential, but it is not enough to explain phenomena, interactions and consequences that are beyond all that society and knowledge science have accustomed and conditioned us to.
    Only the chosen few will understand the true meaning of disclosure.
    Most humans are not ready to absorb the information.
    That's why it is impossible to give all the information in one time.

  • irina 5 years ago

    People are always looking for something new. However there is nothing new under the sky. These beengs were known for centuries as fallen angels; nephilim - angels-human hybrids, and demons -spirits of nephilim whose bodies died in waters of the Great Flood. Watch these videos in Youtube. So much truth in there.

  • Johnny 5 years ago

    he looks 6 foot???im 6 foot that guys not 6 foot i say he bout 7

  • Alex 5 years ago

    I find it hard for the man in the pic to be an ET. Here`s a few reasons why: Reason 1)he looks out of shape, no muscle tone (beer belly and all), human ETs are usually super Fit. Reason 2)He does not look like he`s 10ft tall (see trees around him for ref.) Reason 3) where did they find shoes/clothes to fit a 10ft tall man? Dont get me wrong, human ETs exist, that guy just isn`t one. This picture is the kind of example that makes the skeptics's/debunkers` day! If anyone wants to debate/talk about this you can find me on Twitter under alexlfz.

  • SlimShady 5 years ago

    if that mofo is 10ft tall then how in the hell does he "blend in" so this is retarded

  • James Black 5 years ago

    Salla is a victim of the "nothing happens syndrome".
    As I wrote before, we have faked pics. preposterous declarations, faked contactees, faked healers, faked whistleblowers....but the only thing we don't have is real aliens.

  • James Black 5 years ago

    In fact this pic. is not only pathetic but obscene. Just look at the small tree and compare with the "ten feet" of this alien who, by the way, is a gross exhibitionist. Shame on the Examiner.

  • Jeremy Vaeni 5 years ago

    Wow. I never thought I'd see proof of alien contact in my lifetime but here it is. I always suspected Randy Quaid was of of them.

  • MIKECOHEN 5 years ago


  • monkelus 5 years ago

    Is that an anal probe in his pocket, or is he just pleased to see me?

  • anal probe 5 years ago

    MUHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! This has to be a really bad joke..

  • Felix C 5 years ago

    Are those Italian fashioned shoes?

  • Dyingsun 5 years ago

    You have got to be kidding me.....

  • your mama 1 year ago

    this is BS....I don't believe the guy on the picture is an alien.
    BS !