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Famed founder BlogTalkRadio, Alan Levy does it again with CinchCast
Famed founder BlogTalkRadio, Alan Levy does it again with CinchCast
David Land

Famed founder, Alan Levy does it again.

Successfully taken an idea to disrupt the antiquated terrestrial radio business and made it a reality with BlogTalkRadio. Now, Levy is at it again with a game changing solution in a $10 billion market. Cinchcast Connect is a new platform which simplifies corporate conference calls and webcasts by providing more functionality to customers at half the cost.

Levy believed that by combining blogging and telecommunications, an interactive online platform for two-way conversations could be established. With a background in telecommunications, Levy came up with the idea of an Internet radio network that was accessible to anyone, as a host or a listener, with a phone. This idea was patented in January 2012, dating back to April 2007.

Cinchcast Connect gives enterprise customers more control over their event experience and event-related expenses. With the click of a button, clients are up and running with everything they need for their live or recorded event. The conference bridge, Q&A management console, slides, and online event stream; it’s all integrated into one robust, browser-based solution. There is no need for expensive operators, no unused line charges or hidden fees, and no hoops to jump through to launch an event. The process is simplified and puts the user in control, resulting in cost savings of up to 50%.

You can ask Mary Kay Cosmetic company where virtual offices spread across this country. Mary Kay conducts monthly virtual-event education to provide information and inspiration to its global independent sales force. To enhance their education, Mary Kay provides an interactive event to listen, learn, ask questions and share best practices.

“The Cinchcast platform is very easy to use, we were able to easily produce the event, manage call flow and participant questions, and monitor and track event participation online and on the phone.”
- Michelle Sauceda, Sr. Instructional Designer at Mary Kay

This platform introduces groundbreaking innovation into the conference-calling world – an industry that has seen little to none over the last decade. This revolutionary, patented, cloud-based platform powers conference calls and webcasts of every size for the leading companies in the world. It is a technology that delivers better functionality, at a fraction of the cost of its competitors.

Along with success of BlogTalkRadio and the recent launch of Cinchcast, Levy has also founded multiple telecommunications companies. He was President and COO of Destia Communications, helping build Destia into a global telecom enterprise with operations and customers in 10 countries and more than $350 million in annual revenue. Destia’s May 1999 IPO was shortly followed in December 1999 by the sale of the company to Viatel in a transaction valued in excess of $1 billion. Prior to joining Destia, Alan, who is also a CPA, held the CFO, Managing Director of Europe and EVP Legal and Finance positions at Viatel.


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