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It remains a mystery

As we wind up another June and get set to walk into a new July, there are many items on our list that remain a mystery to many Canadians.

For instance, what will be the long term implications of that recent Supreme Court of Canada decision to "grant title" to more than 1750 square kilometres of British Columbia to a B.C. First Nations? Will this be the dawning of a new age of peace, harmony and understanding, or will chaos, confusion and confrontation remain as standard operating procedures for all sides? You be the judge.

And, why is it that Saskatchewan continues to be dumped on while the rest of the world has, reportedly, said to have enjoyed (if that is the proper use of the verb) the "warmest temperatures" since three years before dirt? Rain fell quite often on Saskatchewan in May, and continues to this date. In fact, one person in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, tells us that 100 millimetres of rain has poured into her back yard rain gauge since Friday. This is now Sunday evening. Why all the wet? Global warming? Climate change? The wrath of the weather gods? Who knows?

And, who in this world would choose to steal a diapered concrete pig? From a mini-golf course, no less. Yet, that is the puzzle facing investigators near Red Deer, Alberta. It was earlier this week that the pig, along with other manufactured items such as a turtle riding a motorcycle and a bobblehead dog, up and left the Summerland Leisure Park in Gull Lake, just north of Red Deer.

In the lively small town of Radisson, Saskatchewan, the manager of a certain local filling station is wondering who would bother taking at least one of the station's squeegee handles, and replacing it with a shorter version, no less? Oh, a paper towel roll also disappeared during the commission of this odd incident.

To wrap up, now that we mostly all have cell phones with video cameras and other such suitably enabled personal electronic devices, why have no definitive images of UFO craft and outer-space beings yet been captured?

It all remains a big mystery.

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