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It Is Here! The Berkshire Group LP New Website

Berkshire Group, LLP
Berkshire Group, LLP
Berkshire Group, LLP

The Berkshire Group LP has announced the launch of its new website,, today.

The website has been re-launched with complete new designs, and added features.

Founded in 1998, The Berkshire Group began as a consultancy with nationally recognized expertise in mortgage secondary and asset-backed securitization markets.

For over a decade, Berkshire Group has provided its clients with detailed insights into the substance , expected performance and value of newly originated and seasoned loans, and the soundness of counterparty origination and servicing operations that create and service those loans.

“At Berkshire Group, we put your interests first and we measure our success by your gains” stated Michael Trickey the Managing Director. “We offer clients comprehensive data assets, predictive analytics, due diligence and a wide variety of advisory services tailored to financial entities. Our consultants spent years in the industry prior to joining Berkshire, and focus on listening to client needs and bringing solutions backed by operational experience and insights.”

Years of working with clients experiencing financial, legal, and reputational fallout from origination and servicing shortcomings has given Berkshire consultants the insight and perspective needed to help protect client interests. By leveraging our proprietary technology, our dedicated and fully staffed loan review center, and the depth of experience of our underwriting, compliance, analytics, and operational review staff, we implement customized diligence solutions for each one of our clients.

Underwriting and operational guides are written and enforced across a spectrum of completeness and stringency. Personnel and software systems implementing those guides are not universally trained or programmed for consistency. We help you root out nuances and system failures that cost money from delinquencies, fraud, lawsuits, enforcements actions and loss of reputation.

Mortgage finance leaders are faced with a new landscape. The success of a trade relies on prudent diligence and requires a trusted and committed vendor partner.

Berkshire Group clients include major national and international banks, community banks, commercial banks, savings banks, investment banks, investment funds, private equity funds, hedge funds, sureties, finance companies, mortgage companies, servicers, primary mortgage insurers, government-sponsored entities, rating agencies, attorneys, and more.

As the company’s reputation has grown nationally and around the world, so has its role in industry thought-leadership. Berkshire group experts frequently appear on industry-sponsored panels and in the media to dissect and clarify topics ranging from the subprime mortgage crisis to evolving securitization techniques and the industry’s prospects going forward.

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